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The best kept secret in music



New York City, with its majestic towers and gleaming buildings, has produced many talents. Yet, along the strip of "The City" lays another part of New York that is seldomly highlighted. That part being the spacious land called Long Island. That strip of land that hugs the shoreline has also produced some exceptional talents. One such person is new up- and- coming R&B singer/songwriter Bridgette Angelique.

Raised in a home rich in Latin culture, Bridgette was always surrounded by music, mainly salsa and R&B. This influx of music only fueled her desire to embrace it. At age 3, she began to exhibit her knack for performing and singing in front of others. Yet she truly realized her desire to sing when she discovered the TV show "Star Search". "After watching the show a few times, I knew in my heart I wanted to sing," added Bridgette.

Bridgette's formal training began at age 6 where she took vocal lessons that later led her to musical theatre and talent competitions. When she entered 4th grade she joined the school chorus and stayed with it all the way to high school. During the time that she performed only one moment which stood strongest in her mind. "One very special moment where I performed was at my friend Conner's wake. It was the hardest thing to do. When I reached the podium I thought I was going to breakdown but I had to be strong for him. He always wanted to see me sing live but never got the chance to. So I had to make sure that I would grant him that wish. It had to be the most memorable and meaningful moment I ever sang."

When she reached her sixteenth year she branched off into songwriting and with the positive feedback she was receiving, it was the "icing on the cake" as Bridgette would say. Bridgette went onto perform in local plays, chorus and a show choir, where for one year she was also the choreographer. She also took part in the Traveling Hispanic Theatre, a non-profit organization. She soon went on to graduate from 5 Towns College with a degree in Music Business.

Attending the college was a choice Bridgette made to aide her on the basic ins and outs of the music business. " I wanted to be educated first on the business side of becoming and developing as an artist. I wanted to have a better understanding of "the behind the scenes" aspect of the business." The course work she completed at 5 Towns College was invaluable and she credits the school for preparing her on her journey.

In the years of performing, she has had many influences. One of her biggest inspirations is Michael Jackson. "I use to dress like him and copy his dance moves and always sing "Smooth Criminal" and "Bad". My family even has pictures and home videos of me. My voice inspiration would most certainly be Whitney Houston. Her single "Greatest Love of All" is pure talent and my favorite song."

Presently, Bridgette has a new CD out called "Plan B" where it features talented producers Eryck Bry, Ram and Ono. It was funded and completed with her manager Danny B. Its soulful rhythms and R&B sounds are a staple to her upbringing and her influences. Her CD can be found on or . Her future plans are to do some touring and possibly do some songwriting for other artists and of course pump out some more releases. During her musical journey to stardom her family, friends and fans has supported her 100%. If she was to give advice to other young women who desire to tackle the music scene she strongly suggests: "Be smart, cautious, believe in yourself, work hard and never sell your soul, only give it."
- City Chick Magazine written by Nick Christophers

"Bridgette Angelique"

Now here is a woman not afraid to say what is on her mind, through her music that is. The song “supermodel” has become an underground sensation, which is from her album Plan B, out now. The song “supermodel” speaks of a problem that woman face in the music and show business everyday and she is not afraid to speak out.

Bridgette has been inspired to write her songs based on everyday issues and as for the sound of the album “Plan B” it has a very easy flow to it and R & B sound that has a beat that you can dance to.
I had the pleasure to speak to Bridgette recently and she is a very nice person and great fun, you will need to look at our interview for more details. Bridgette has been labeled as the next Jennifer Lopez but to us she is her own person

Sway: Hi Bridgette, how are you today?
Bridgette: I'm doing well, thank you.
Sway: First let me ask you how did it all start? That is, your passion for music.
Bridgette: It started at an early age. My parents would play all types of music in the house and I would sing & dance along as a child, no matter what the genre was. However, there was an emphasis on R&B music being played a lot. I could hear the soul in the Motown records & the amazing singing all-around. The melodies & harmonious sounds of R&B intrigued me & hooked me for life.
Sway: Are you signed on by a label and if not are you available if a label was interested?
Bridgette: I'm currently not signed to any label. With just the help of my manager, we sought after producers I knew then decided to fund my own album. It was great because I had a lot creative control and I didn't have to worry about being shelved or being dropped from a label. I'm now currently selling my CD online through and the digital download of my album on my MySpace page. I would definitely be interested in signing to a label with the right deal & company that would stand behind me 100%.
Sway: The music industry is quite a tough business, what encouragement or discouragement have you had to face?
Bridgette: The hardest thing is making people believers. A lot of people doubt my talent as a singer/songwriter & think it's a hobby & not a career choice for me. I have dealt with rejection but have learned to be strong and never give up on doing want I love to do, which is make music. The people who do believe in me & music keep me going. I appreciate any love & support I get.
Sway: I wanted to ask your view on independent artists and artists that are signed on by a label (basically what do you think is different)
Bridgette: I feel independent artists get lot of say and creative control along with making a substantial amount of money off their music. But on the downside, they don't always get the national exposure or enough money backing to promote & advertise their music. Major label artists have a lot of pull when it comes to getting on radio or getting press. There's always a large amount of money pushed behind these artists however, when it comes to these artists making money off their music, it’s actually not likely. These artists make their money mostly on tours & endorsement deals, which isn't bad at all. But also, you don't get much say when you are dealing with so many people in all different types of departments of a company that's investing big bucks in you. Just like anything in the world, there are pros and cons to everything.
Sway: I read in a review that you were compared to the next Jennifer Lopez, what do you make of this comment?
Bridgette: I think it’s an honor to be compared to the beautiful & talented Jennifer Lopez. She is a role model & inspiration to me and females all over the world, especially Latinas. I hope to have as much success as she has had in her career.
Sway: You are a singer/songwriter, do you ever run out of things to write about?
Bridgette: I think every writer goes though writer blocks but I know for myself I could never run out of things to write about because I write about everything. Not just love or partying. I find inspiration in everything. Life...places...people...feelings...questions that go unanswered...objects that get ignored....the list goes on & on.
Sway: What artists do you like and what are you favorite songs at the moment?
Bridgette: I have to say Michael & Janet Jackson are my all-time favorite entertainers, Whitney Houston was my favorite singer growing up & later on, Mariah Carey. There's also soooo many various artists I adore but would take forever to name. My favorite songs at the moment are "Wake Up Call" by: Maroon 5", Apologize" By Timberland & One Republic, "Sensual Seduction" By Snoop Dogg "You'll Never See Me Again" by: Alicia Keys, "Flashing Lights" By Kanye West & Dwele. Plus, I know there are definitely more songs that I would of had like to have said which later on I'll be kicking myself for not saying. But seriously, I love all sorts of music. These songs are only from a few of the popular songs I know that are out.
Sway: For all the Bridgette Angelique fans out there where can you be seen performing next?
Bridgette: I have a FREE show coming up March 26th in West Babylon, NY @ Loony Tunes (music store). Also, I am available for any up-coming shows people may have me in mind for. If anyone is interested in booking me, e-mail my manager e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it His name is Danny.
Sway: When is your next album coming out and where would it be available?
Bridgette: For the time being, I'm focusing on my current album "Plan B” (buy it now!!!! lol) but, I am also working on new material that I would hopefully like to use for my next album. I got to keep hustling.
Sway: Finally I wanted to say that I love your song “supermodel” and that you are a very talented person and we love to hear you.
Bridgette: Aww thank you so much that means a lot to me. This is only the beginning, so if you love that song, believe me there's more great music to come. Be on the lookout for more info on me & my music on my MySpace page Thank you everyone for your love & support & thanks again Andie for wanting to know more about me.

- written by Andreia Pires


Self released album Plan B
1 Intro
2 Plan B
3 Glass
4 Fire Truck Intro
5 Fire Marshal
6 Supermodel
7 Is It Love
8 Was It Her
9 Keeps Me Goin'
10 Broken Record
11 Mean Walk
12 Beauties of Life
13 Goodbye 4 Now


Feeling a bit camera shy


Bridgette Angelique- "R&B singing/songwriting sensation." This latina was born April 9th 1984, in Long Island, N.Y. Bridgette quickly took on a strong fascination with music ranging from Salsa, to Hip Hop. However, it was the constant play of classic R&B music in her home that grew Bridgette’s musical ear to the soul driven genre. Long and behold at the age of 3, her gifts started to unveil such as, her dancing that had rhythmic grace and poise in each step, a voice that could capture a noisy, crowded room in silent awe, and charisma that would shine through her light brown eyes and dimpled smile. She had all the star qualities, which wasn’t the issue, but it was how to take her talent in the direction of stardom. ************************************************************** Bridgette participated in many activities in and out of school. All where she could further develop her skills, win awards along the way, and do what she loved doing best performing. She sang in talent shows, danced in dance competitions, did local plays, chorus, show choir in which she was choreographer for one year, she was apart of a non-profit group, The Traveling Hispanic Theatre, and the list goes on and on. But aside from Bridgette’s notable leisure pursuits, she also has a skill for writing. With constant desire for expressing herself, she took special interest in writing poems. It became her outlet for dealing with everyday issues she or others experienced, and the emotions that took place, conveying her thoughts and beliefs, and just talking from the heart. Eventually she would go on to transforming her poems into songs where it hasn’t been until now, that she has introduced her songwriting ability to the public, with songs she has recorded. She is slowly being recognized for her gifts, which leads us to Bridgette today as she has been going through many trials and tribulations getting to where she wants to be as the star she aspires to be, and has always dreamt of. ************************************************************** Bridgette recently graduated from Five Towns College with an Associates Degree in Music Business and is creating a buzz with her unique, sultry voice, and clever lyrics. With her creative and enlightening music inspired from a range of artists such as Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Aaliyah, and Destiny’s Child to name a few. Also following in the footsteps of the late, “Big Pun” in being taken serious in the genre your in by proving yourself not to be a stereotype and Jennifer Lopez, who has paved the way for young Hispanic woman to have commercial success, Bridgette strives to keep the torch lit by the impressions left by her mentors by giving 110% in everything she does and start a legacy of her own.