Bridgette Perdue

Bridgette Perdue

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Pop music driven by passionate vocals, jazzy piano, and innovative lyrics. If my music were a drink it'd be a red sangria: classy wine and fresh fruit infused to produce an sweet jazzy pop style that is soulful, luscious, and fun.


It's a journey--Bridgette's music, that is. Determined to take you somwhere in a vehicle called lyrics, she transcends the commonality of life to find the beauty therein. Listening to her has been described as a spiritual experience that will revalitize your soul and leave an aroma of peace.

To sing and to relate to others through music has always been Bridgette's desire. Expressing her creativity in very early years, she began playing the piano at age four, and by age seven, was nationally recognized through the publication of her poetry. As a natural performer, she has participated in numerous community events, including drama productions, school choruses, and church choirs, and has extensively studied private voice, acting, creative writing, ballet, tap and jazz.

Recent performance credits include dancing in shows and parades in Walt Disney Worlds Theme Parks and being featured in Playhouse Disney's "Behind the Ears" commercial for the promotion of their newest international tour. Currently she volunteers her talents with her local community and church congregation.

Honest in her story, her walk with God is much like her music, a work in progress. Never claiming to have it all together, she simply smiles because of grace. Her soft piano and resiliant voice couple to express her love for the thrill of life.

In Spring 2008, she aspires to debut her current project, all orginal songs, birthed from her heart.

“I feel as though God, long ago, placed tiny seeds of creativity within me, and through the support of loving parents, mentors, and friends, those seeds have begun to blossom into beautiful songs of worship and reflection. My aspiration in life is to bloom, grow, and fully mature into all that the Lord has called me to do. This is simply the beginning.”


You Satisfy Me

Written By: Bridgette Perdue

You satisfy me
Though this world demands more, my soul only longs for You
You are my everything
Like the panting deer thirsts You refresh and restore me
You are my matchless King
There’s no treasure on earth that surpasses Your worth
You, Lord, make me complete
I could search eternity’s time to find You alone satisfy me

It wasn’t until You were all that I had I discovered You’re all that I need
It wasn’t until life’s storm shook me up that inside the eye I found perfect peace
So I praise You for the indescribable, incomprehensible
Immeasurable, unfathomable, totally fall in lovable
God You are, all I can say is

There were times when I thought I could find satisfaction if I lived a life void of You
But my searching proved futile for I only reaffirmed what I knew all the long to be true

Now I realize it was You that my heart was searching for
Yes now I realize it is You Lord
So I’ll praise You

For You are the indescribable, incomprehensible
Immeasurable, unfathomable, totally fall in lovable
God You are, all I can say is

Somethin' More

Written By: Bridgette Perdue

Is there more to this life than the mundane 9 to 5?
Is there more to be grateful for than the simple beauty of the sun rise?
Not to despise the brief glimpse of paradise but sometimes it seems
The grass is never green on my side
But I smile and I wave and pretend things are all right,
Are they all right?

Bittersweet’s the name of the game
Gotta play by the rules it’s the only way
To get by in this life, is that true or
Is there somethin’ more?

Things can go really well for a while
You get a lucky break, have a great pay day
Life is good life is up life is high and you’re happy
But then the windfall ends, downward spiral begins
Disappointment returns at the crash and the burn of life’s way
Your hope bursts into flames and you’re thinkin’, “Never again...”

So why should life get the upperhand
Do we play what we’re dealt act like all is well
When deep down there’s a voice saying we have no choice
But to believe for something more
Reality hits us hard
And tries to stop us before we get too far
To dream to dare to believe to trust to love
The way it was meant to be
Cuz there’s a way it was meant to be

So, is bittersweet the name of your game
Do you play by it’s rules like it’s the only way to get by
In this life, or do you feel for,
Feel for somethin’ more?

Count it All Joy

Written By: Bridgette Perdue

If my world was perfect, would I be bored
If I had no problems, would I still pour
My heart into Yours
Become dependent on Your words
If I needed nothing, would I be free
Would no responsibilities liberate me?
Can a life free of pain have a reason to celebrate grace
And without the struggle can I appreciate the blessing?

CHORUS: So I will praise Your for brilliant days
You’re the silver lining that outshines the grey
And Lord Your love can never be replaced, I’m amazed
It’s beautiful to know You
It’s in the little things Your love’s revealed
Like children dancin’ through a summer field
Or just to sit beneath a starry night
It all reminds me to acknowledge You
And count it all joy

Is it possible to have my cake and eat it too
Life with obstacles, what would I do
If there’s no desert or valley low
There’d be no opportunity for me to grow
So in hardships I’ll endure
And when trials some, I know for sure
That this life that has pain now has a reason to celebrate grace
And because of the struggle I can appreciate the blessing


The aches, the pains, the bumps, the bruises
The joy, the laughter, in all I choose to
Worship You, I worship You
Life can take a turn for the worst
But still my mouth will bless and not curse You
Everything happens for a reason
So no matter the season
I’ll count it all joy

Set List

Somethin' More
Love Mystery
Without Words
Author of Love
All I Am
Count it All Joy
Love Hoped For
Enjoy This Moment
You Satisfy Me
Nothing to Lose
Silver Lining

***Set times are flexible, with a maximum of 1 hour 15 minutes.

***Covers include Natasha Bedingfield, Alicia Keys, Nichole Nordeman, and others.