Bridie Jackson and The Arbour

Bridie Jackson and The Arbour

 Newcastle upon Tyne, England, GBR

Bridie Jackson & The Arbour launched their début album in January 2012 with a sold-out show at The Sage Gateshead. With strong vocal harmonies, unusual instrumentation and many varied influences, they are quickly establishing a national reputation as an exciting and unpredictable live act.


From a cult following, “a wildfire of word of mouth” (Generator NE) brought a sell-out launch show at The Sage Gateshead in January, for critically acclaimed debut album, 'Bitter Lullabies'. A flurry of press interest, rave international reviews, shows and festival slots across the country has followed rapidly. 2012 definitely looks set to be the year for Bridie Jackson and The Arbour.

Bridie has a unique voice "that despite its strength and power has a whisper like quality that draws you in with its gentle intimacy and bewitching melancholy" (The Crack Magazine). Her voice and “inventive guitar playing that instantly intrigues" (Head Scaffold), are complemented by 'The Arbour', a talented group of musicians who provide rich layers of vocal harmonies alongside combinations of cello, violin, mandolin and bell plates. The range of instruments are used sparingly; "working up magic from seemingly simple elements" (Narc magazine), in a set which varies from the entirely a capella to riotous, stomping, bluegrass-tinged new folk.

The breadth of influences that can be heard in their distinctive sound ranges from gospel music to flamenco, as well as the more contemporary echoes of artists such as The Fleet Foxes, Goldfrapp and Feist. This is music that proves impossible to define, yet is instantly engaging, as Bridie's "casual, kick-off-my-shoes confidence draws the audience in" (Laura Fraine, Journal Culture).

“Bridie Jackson & The Arbour are the bona fide darlings of the Newcastle folk scene” (Arts Council NE)

"(Bridie) is a powerful, down to earth performer, with an otherworldly voice. This girl could, and probably will, fill stadiums full of people in the future and is most definitely set for greater things.” (The Crack Magazine)

"Really quite splendid" (Gideon Coe, BBC 6Music)


'Bitter Lullabies' - Debut album - 2012
“A unique record of startling beauty.” (Manifesto magazine)
Featuring 9 original songs arranged with rich layers of vocal harmonies, cello, violin, mandolin, bell plates, bassoon, glockenspiel and guitar.
"...varied ensembles accompany many tracks, while some are stripped back to just a cappella voices. The album is united by Bridie’s voice... her style changes from strong and soulful, to an emotional cry, to an intimate near whisper. This impressive range is, like the other instruments, used with great care." (Now Then magazine)
“An album of stunning authenticity, which manages to be simultaneously contemporary and timeless, Bitter Lullabies’ ought to be treasured by all who hear it.” (Little River Fanzine)

'Live at St Annes' - live EP - 2010
“Bridie clearly adores performing, but this gig, while featuring her familiar acoustic guitar, also demonstrated her emerging talent as a genuinely innovative musician, often accompanying her strumming with the use of bassoon, violin and vocal harmonies. It may sound sycophantic, but I doubt we’ll have to wait very long to see her define the north east vocal folk scene.” (

'Prolong' - EP - 2009
Released through Urban & Eastern. The Crack said “here’s four songs of rare beauty … Bridie Jackson has a voice that exists to hang in a rarified atmosphere … anti-folk but pro-beauty”. The EP was a beautiful article in itself, with artwork by 50ft Long Horse, and design by Supanaught.