San Luis Obispo, California, USA

A Versatile, Unique, and often Dark side of the Indie/Alt-Country genre that the world does not expect.


San Luis Obispo, California’s very own, Briertone, is a vibrant, gritty, and often dark, indie/southern/country-rock five piece that developed a style they like to call “Outlaw-Rock”. They have DIY’d it through four releases and numerous national tours. With their powerful live performance and their foot stomping progressions, audiences leave their shows as changed people. They have been bringing a new and fresh movement to music, and continue to persevere, hitting the west hard with touring, and delivering a much needed musical originality and eclecticism to all who listen. Be awakened! Listen to Briertone.


Gypsy Girl

Written By: Adam Pasion

That's a beautiful Gypsy Girl
If she was only real she could steal my heart
I've got some work of my own
With a homemade gun that was a long time ago
Got out of jail in 1989
Got the hell out of Sacto where i spent my time
I've walked these streets for over twenty years
It's not the cocaine
It's the vodka and the beer

I do believe
But I curse cause my feet
They're so cold

Lord let him rest, it's easy

First And Last

Written By: Adam Pasion

Before you build your kingdom in my hands
I think you should know that they're made of sand
And when the winds of change come
All you've built will be blown to the ground
You say you say you lean on my wall
But when I stumble you will fall away

Try to win this heart, not today
So run away
Take your love, hold it tight
And run away

Listen now and listen good
I dare not be misunderstood
This is the first and last, the first and last
The first and last time these lips speak of love
Pin love to wings of a dove
And send it on it's way, on it's way

Run Your Mouth

Written By: Adam Pasion

Run your mouth, run it good
Shout from mountain tops the vile things you heard
You speak behind me but brother you spoke to loud
Shut your wicked trap you holier than thou

Damn the damned and hold your head higher
Be condemned to the fire
Where's that love that's meant to inspire
You lift me up well you're a damn good liar

Show me how you've lifted a brother
I'll show you how you've cursed another
Forgive me for my anguish tone
The kingdom you further is not his
But you're own

To all of those who fit this bill
Swallow your words and I hope it kills
What you've done well it may not be murder
You've pushed the lost further and further
this is worse

Phillip And I

Written By: Adam Pasion

Come 8:15 I'm worn
Off to work and I'm far too tired to think about You
And I'm fine, without You
A few hours down the line
The sun is in the center of the sky
What is the center of my life
Not You

You'd see it in my eyes
If I ever let you see me cry
But it's a rarity, it's a rarity


Written By: Adam Pasion

What a dreary cloud hangs about his head
What a dreadful weight hangs 'round his neck
I'll play you and old song in a minor key he says
His voice is weary
His song claims he's so tired of feeling dead

Awake, awake, breathe, live
Arise, arise, love, become
Who you were called to be

Oh beautiful sister, why do you hang your head?
When you speak they lend their ears
And an angel's voice you have
Your gifts are many and there's a promise in your heart
You've been robbed, I've been robbed
Let's take back what is ours

Awake, awake, breathe, live
Arise, arise, love, become
Who you were called to be

We will not be slaves

Flaming Arrows

Written By: Adam Pasion

Flaming arrows, catapults, armored chariots
Spitting rage, an angry army, they've come to take me down
Valiant soldiers, the gather 'round me, they fight for Jesus' Name
But a seed of doubt grows as there's screaming outside
Outside of our gates

Fear grips their lives, as a weed grows inside
Some soldiers now resign
And the battles not just outside

I'm gonna tear your kingdom down
I'm gonna gonna knock off your crown
I'm gonna trample you to the ground
I'm gonna tear your kingdom down


Written By: David Eugene Edwards

I guess you didn't hear me when I told you for the first time
Well don't you worry, it won't be the last
All I need is a floorboard and a wooden shoe
Step aside and let my lady through

Hayfoot strawfoot, low we lay them down
Hayfoot strafoot, up and back around

See the high priest, he took my place
When the judge looks to me he saw his son's face
Not gonna join you in your tower of babble boy
I'm tired of that talk, and I'm sick of that noise

Hayfoot strawfoot, low we lay them down
Hayfoot strawfoot, covering ground

I am not alone and looks can be deceiving
When we get down to it you're talking when you should be leaving
I've been to Nebraska, it reminded me of Spain
All my questions loaded, all my answers same

Hayfoot strawfoot, low we lay them down
Hayfoot strawfoot, covering ground

Let us not mince our words let's say it true this time
I need your forgiveness just like you need mine
Tell me how it is that you don't want what he's given
It aint no sin son, to be forgiven


Written By: Adam Pasion

Behold, the sky's torn open
Oh Lord, here He come, here He come
With the clouds oh boy
You turn your head, you who pierce him
Under your bed you have no choice boy look and see
Your sunken eyes
Your sunken eyes will surely see

And in the midst of these seven candlesticks
There is one like the Son of Man
And at His sight we fall, as dead
Cause He shown like the sun
His hair like white wool
His eyes a blazin' flame
His feet like fine brass
His voice like crashing waves
And out His mouth a sword
Let's see you curse him to his face

I am He, which is, which was, and is to come

I am He, He that liveth
And was dead but am alive forevermore, Amen
Amen, I hold the keys to hell and death

I Am Jacob

Written By: Adam Pasion

Lay my head upon the stone
Gripped by fear I can feel it my bones
I'm a wanted man, wanted by my brother
And he'll have my neck, he'll have no other

Do you curse these hands that steal what is sacred
These hands that leave a brother naked
I'm a wanted man, wanted by my brother
And he'll have my neck, he'll have no other

Angels descend

Atop a great ladder stands the Lord
The ground on which you lie, this land is yours
And your decendants shall be
As dust on the face of the earth

And in the morning he awoke
Surely God is here and I didn't know
And he was afraid
He said how awesome is this place
The gate of heaven

Angels descend

Behold, I'm with you and will keep you wherever you go


"Sky's Torn Open"
Track Listing:
1) Pearls To Ashes
2) I Am Jacob
3) Flaming Arrows
4) Revelation
5) Behold

Track Listing:
1) Cheers
2) Run Your Mouth
3) Behold (Acoustic)
4) Strawfoot
5) Philip And I

"Confessions Of The Wicked"
Track Listing:
1) Confessions Of The Wicked
2) First And Last
3) Pact With The Devil
4) Things We Do
5) Slowly But Surely
6) Rebel Kid
7) A Vile Thing

Track Listing:
1) Don't I Dare
2) Twice A Week
3) Better Days
4) Tragedy
5) Slowly But Surely (Acoustic)
6) Swallow Your Shame

Set List

Normal show is 30-60 minutes. Can perform longer if requested.

Normal Set List usually a minimum of 6 songs.

Regularly Performed Songs:
Pearls For Ashes
I Am Jacob
Gypsy Girl

Alternate Songs For Longer Sets:
Run Your Mouth
Flaming Arrows
Phillip And I
Twice A Week
Don't I Dare
First And Last
A Vile Thing
The Things We Do
Confessions Of The Wicked
Better Days