O.A.P old age punks! Stealing from the past to re-invent the future!


brigandage was formed in 1981 - british punk band. cult success. Frontcover of the N.M.E and numerous magazines and tv programmes.
Carl Evans was in the Chefs and Yip Yip Coyote. British alternative chart success in the 70's and 80's. Much loved by John Peel.working together to create music that is meaningful for our generation but which hopefully appeals to a younger one too!



Written By: michelle archer

Looking for a star thats more easy to follow
looking for a pill thats more easy to swallow
loving in this city of shine and grime
looking around for other partners in crime.

Lost on a highway and found in a sewer
magic and mayhem - what could be truer
lost on a highway and there's no horizon
found in a sewer and we ain't compromising.

standing in a line
waiting at the station
Nowhere and boredom
the new destination
how we got here without even knowing
didn't even realize that's where we were going!


Written By: Michelle Archer

When I was young
I was on a mission
To sing of love
And the human condition
To change the world
And get plenty of kissing
Can't remember
What I've been missing

Look in the mirror
See a reflection
Can't guess whose
Can't make the connection
Speaking to friends
On Motorola
The world's tv and Coca Cola
Where's my champagne
Where's my roller

How did we get this way
Reassured that nothings amiss
Where's the joy
Where's the risk
20 Consulate and getting pissed

All of you who've said goodbye
To youths ideals and all of those ties
Perhaps it will come as no surprise
That now I think
That you were wise


Written By: Michelle Archer

Been to deadheart
Dressed in nightshade
Alone love stone love
Is your pain manmade
Sing bitter carols
Sweet soft coral
Deadman's fingers
Weave your laurels

Twisted sister
Oh how we missed her
Slits and wrists sir
Oh how I could've kissed her
Sing bitter carols
Sweet soft coral
Deadman's fingers
Weave your laurels


Surburban babes
Gaze on in wonder
Lonely planet girl
Fallen under
Certainly noy a pretty doll
White trash camp
True trash tramp

Fragile and crystaline
Been to deadheart
Fractured mainline
Splinters her heart
Blackbird mocks
Art and pain rules
Pussychick shocks


Bigandage - F.Y.M album - Pretty Funny Thing album V.W.Babies - single. Gunfire and Pianos compilation album.
VDU's- don't cry -single

The Chefs- Sweetie e.p. 24 hours single Vaultage 79 compilation album

Yip Yip Coyote- Dream of the West single Pioneer Girl single FIfi album