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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Band Hip Hop Hip Hop




"Best Of Milwaukee 2011 Awards"

The Shepherd Express is proud to present the 21st edition of the original, largest and most coveted Best Of Milwaukee Readers’ Choice Awards. There is no one better than the citizens of Milwaukee to select their favorite people and places throughout the city—and, once again, you responded in great numbers to support your choices. The Shepherd wants to congratulate and thank all of the winners and nominees for their efforts in making Milwaukee such a wonderful city - Express Milwaukee

"Now Serving: B*Right- iPhones and Shoestrings"

Delly or ??? - The Wacky Delly

"B*Right Iphones & Shoestrings"

B*Right ft. Absolute & Bankhead - Iphones & Shoestrings - Get Right Music

"FEATURE: B*Right - IPhones & Shoestrings Ft. Absolute & Bankhead {Video}"

B*Right is putting in major work this year! Here is their latest video for "IPhones & Shoestrings" featuring Absolute & Bankhead, which was filmed in Milwaukeee and shot by Millk Man. (@spiltmillk) - JDMG The Blog!

"B*RIGHT-Uncle Phil ((NEW SINGLE))"

B*RIGHT "3D" mixtape www.maarsattack.com - NME Online Magazine

"DOWHATYOUDESIRE.COM VIDEO OF THE DAY! B*Right ft. Absolute & Bankhead"

We have a new video from the dopest young dudes in Milwaukee “B*Right” and they brought a few homies along by the name of “Absolute” (from Chicago)- Milwaukee Northside young legend “Bankhead” and produced by “Veeto Brown”! They decided to make a song from a unique Milwaukee North Side types of style of music called ‘jackin’, ‘glazin’ , ‘twangin’ , or whatever you may call it music. This is a movement similar to ‘jerkin’ in California. Most people don’t support this type of music here, but it is a reality. It has its own language and style of dance and dress. This is what we here at Amerikas Addiction call a culture, a movement. The name of the song is called “IPhones & Shoestrings” - very catchy and if it follows suit like the other songs from these genres - it should get 50,000 plus hits on youtube - without radio/blog support. - Amerikas Addiction

"#NewMusic: B*Right x Absolute x Bankhead “iPhones & ShoeStrings”"

I woke up this morning and saw Milwaukee music on WorldStarHipHop and in my inbox. Cali is active and so is MKE! Lets keep the momentum going. #DoTheBRightThing - 99Problems

"Now Serving: B*Right II Society"

In short, stop the VIOLENCE.

The WD is in full protest against violence. And we REALLY appreciate B*Right for taking this stand also!

S/O to Cherub, Seven, and Astro for this great video. - TheWackyDelly

"B*Right – 3D"

Cherub, Seven Roxx and Astro drop their new mixtape on Sept 3rd…you can get it here a couple days early!! I like this one!!
- 99problems

"T.I.D.I. — The Intelligent Dope Individual | B*Right"

Shouts out to B*Right!!!! Different naturally, they ain’t gotta try! - 99problems

"B*RIGHT "Uncle Phil" & 3D (Mixtape x Cover Art x T.I.D.I Video)"

Today B*RIGHT, a trio of talented MCs, released their second mixtape entitled "3D." - Livin in The Dream

"Fresh Tracks | B*RIGHT T.I.D.I. Video"

If you haven’t heard of these cats consider yourself warned. Milwaukee hip-hop from the guys over at B*RIGHT. Check out their latest video for the track ‘T.I.D.I.’ Not only can they rap but they harmonize! Refreshing… - Moda3

"Milwaukee STAND UP!"

These young cats are DOPE!!! Make sure you cop this album. - MusikJunkies

"B*Right - 3D (Mixtape)"

Astro, Cherub, and Seven... collectively Milwaukee's B*Right just dropped their sophomore mixtape entitled 3D. - Donuts & Milk

"Now on the Couch: B*Right"

B*Right is EXTRA DELLY! If you don’t yet know them, this is a young trio of talented MC’s from Wisconsin. They’re probably the hottest thing out of Milwaukee since Ray Allen was scorching the hoop court for the Milwaukee Bucks. - TheWackyDelly

"B*RIGHT !!!"

B*RIGHT Is a fresh new trio of talented MC’s out of Milwaukee, WI. Their second mixtape called “3D” caught my ear and they got that new fresh sound and their beats knock too. The members consists of Astro, Cherub, & Seven all mashed up together is what is the product of B*RIGHT. - StoneMelons

"B*Right - 3D (Mixtape)"

The trio of young talented MC’s out of Milwaukee make up B*Right who just released their second full length project. Shouts to Seven. - SplashJoy


2010 - Ditto

2011 - "3D" (3 Dimensional Dope Dudes). 3D is presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon(PBR) & co sponsored by Spilt Millk, Moda3, & Sky High Skate Shop.

2012 - Tha Love Movement



B*Right is a hip-hop group that consist of 3 talented artist (Astro , Cherub Satori, and Seven). The group is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Growing up in a city full of poverty & crime it is easy to fall into unwanted situation, but instead the group of young artist came together through their common interest & love for music to stay positive & introduce the youth of their city to art, culture, & fashion & show that dreams can become realities. The group is exactly 1 years old. They have progressed extremely fast & accumulated a following that grows as they grow.

Astro(18) is the youngest in the group. He is currently a senior in high school & has accomplishments under his belt that not many seniors in high school have. His style seems to be a mixture of Kanye West, Big L, Biggie Smalls.

Cherub Satori(19) currently attends Columbia College, downtown Chicago. He is a painter & also a poet. His style seems to be a mixture of Tupac, Ludacris, & Andre 3000.

Seven(20) attends MATC community college. He is the oldest in the group & also a big cousin/brother to Astro. His style seems to be a mixture of Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Warren G, & Rakim.

B*Right is not only a name of the group, but also a positive slogan to help make better decisions, & a way of life. Their music separates them from others on several occasions. There are 3 members in the group which adds the oddity of a young hip-hop group, breaking the scene at this time in music today. B*Right has a certain freedom in their music that allows free reign on topics, yet violence isn't one of them. Ranging from positivity & fun to serious & social issues, the flare of these young men are catastrophic. The group engages in community events & is apart of The League of Young Voters organization/99problemdotorg.

Working their way up the ladder B*Right has endured the struggles of politics & their city by building relationships. Approximately a year ago the group released a basement style mixtape entitled "DITTO" simply for the purpose to spread the word about the triple threat. Running across a man by the name of Karl Reeves also known as Millk Man(Owner of Spilt Millk Clothing), they showcased their talents & unsually dedicated work ethic. After several meetings Reeves decided to manage the boys & introduce the world to them through the several events he hosted relating to art & music. By way of genuine chemistry they became sponsored by the clothing line & carved a new path for themselves. In late 2010 the groups dream became reality when the mixtape released, creating an impeccable buzz throughout their city. After a year of dropping a half dozen viral videos that have been seen by over 30,000 viewers, Astro, Cherub, & Seven combined their street sensibilities, dope punchlines and flare for original fashion to entertain music fans with their sophomore mix tape presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon(PBR) entitled "3D." After winning "Best Hip Hop Band" & "Band With Best Online Presence" from Milwaukee's Shepherd Express , several other sponsors and lifestyle brands including Moda3 clothing store, Spilt Millk Clothing and Sky High Skateboard Shop jumped on board to co-sponsor the mixtape.