Bright City Lights

Bright City Lights

 Dallas, Texas, USA

BrightCityLights is an energetic rock band who want to not only bring you a fun and engaging show, but a message of hope, love, peace and unity for this broken world.


BrightCityLights may be a new band name on the charts, but they are not new to the whole music scene. Lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter Leo Loughmiller, has been writing music since high school. His first show was at the age of 17 at his high school talent show, in the town of New Summerfield, Texas, with the band Dress Code Violators. Though that band was short lived, he went on to graduate from high school and begin college at Jacksonville College in Jacksonville, Texas. It was there that he began to learn more about music and began singing in the college choir. After being there a few months he began leading worship for a youth and a college service at a local church. In the Fall of 2008, he met the drummer for the band, Matthew Cass. They began traveling on the weekends and playing any event they could for the next year. Though Matt left to go to another school in 2009, Leo continued to play. In the Fall of 2010, Leo put a hold on music to move to Washington state to help a church plant. It was the Summer of 2011 that the guys came back together for a camp. There they released and sang new songs and had an overwhelmingly positive response toward their music. They decided to reform with the name Bright City Lights. Leo began recording at a studio in Fort Worth with Producer and owner of Conqueror Recordings,Tanner Robinson. With the release of their single "Oh King", the band is soon to release an EP titled "Hope Has Come".


"Hope Has Come EP" 2011