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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Indie


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Sometimes people send us music. Sometimes people send us fucking jesus christ I want to kill myself with a bunk of treated lumber and a sack of fermented soy, and then sometimes it's pure fucking hell yeah and all I want to do is run around my backyard with a beach towel as a cape and a mask made of bacon concealing only my hazel eyeballz.

Of course we don't condone the public or private shitting on creative peoples, so we tend to let those that don't strike our fancy fanny packed fancies fall by the wayside instead of sharing our disdain with anyone. So sometimes it's hard accepting music as a cold call from a salesman/musician, as our intent isn't to insult or put down.

But then you get bands like Brightest Color dropping a simple "hey, here's our bandcamp link bro bro" and after the first 15 seconds you're fucking PRAYING the vocals don't fucking suck.

Well ladies and Brandon, I'm here to honestly and wholeheartedly scream in your fucking mouth with my hot motherfucking breath that Brightest Color are the greatest gift my ears received last week. All at the same time: complex and intricate, casual and smooth, disgustingly progressive, rhythmically challenging, Brightest Color are the math rock/indie rock band you started in your head with your best friend from trade school.

With only two motherfucking members, Brightest Color sounds like a mathy-er version of Maps & Atlases, but with this strange sort of bored Euro vocals that when slapped together for less than ten minutes takes on a new wave arrogance that I've never heard before in this sort of presentation. If the noodling harmonic guitars don't clench your doodads in a vice like grip, the layered poppy vocals will distract you enough from the constantly evolving noodling to completely relax, while silently wanting to light and toss a Moltov out the passenger side window while your elderly Aunt Mabel drives cautiously.

Seriously, after the 2:09 mark on the second track Intimacy, I completely lost all control of my head and ended up forcibly causing hair to grow straight up out of my bald ass motherfucking dome by slapping my chin into my hairy fucking mesh of a chest patch broseph.

I want nothing more than this asshole pairing of a fucking band to create more music, because it's the perfect mix of math rock, pop and indie fucking awesome. It makes me want to get all the laundry done in my house and then fold it all on my dining room table.


Take the less than ten minutes and listen to this fucking band's EP and then try and fucking argue with me as to why Brightest Color are this week's Bandcamp Artist of the Week.

Euro Math bro. The most European of arithmetic. - Joel Frieders

"Brightest Color – “Transatlantic”"

Living in uneasy symbiosis are somber, mellow twinkling of guitar chords, thumping bass synth, and complex percussion rhythms that are mathlike in nature. Brooklyn group Brightest Color take a nod from groups such as Foals, M83, and Bloc Party. Their mishmash of indie rock trudging and subtle synth coating recall those bands while refurbishing it with with a sober dosage of distance that separates the quietly complex rhythms and unison of low lead vocals and high background singing. This song, “Transatlantic,” off their first 2012 release, hits the listener upside the head with various influences filling the void, underlined with post-rock leanings to give it that extra spice of space and room. The drumming patterns never ease up on the finesse, displaying complexity and a mastery of the kit that booms, shakes, and shimmers with the ambient plucking of guitar chords. Vocal harmonies juxtapose and mary, yet sound a bit detached from one another like a great divide–a transatlantic divide… I’d like to hear the reasoning behind this concept.

The amalgamation of musical styles deserve a slightly better treatment, however, the creative vibe is swimming strong through the currents. The accentuation of voices are lacking a bit of oomph that would have given “Transatlantic” an extra bit of power and drama to complement the turbulent rhythms and melodies tornadoing all around it. I’m just saying, with more energy behind the vocals, this song would peak more curiosity from the listener.

Production renders the instrumentation a bit hushed, undermining the impressive chops that members Florent and Erik are blessed with. It would be a lie to say that these guys have no talent. Being able to keep sound unique and interesting is a task in itself and many artists don’t know where to begin.

Errors aside, “Transatlantic” is a noteworthy hatch of a brand new project ready to flow over the radar at any minute with glamour and elation. - Soundcloud music reviews


Brooklyn-based band Brightest Color is a gorgeous reimaging of 80’s synth pop. Their new EP, #2, is dark and calculated. The band creates a sound that is trance-y and accessible. Erik and Florent do the lion’s share of the songwriting. They met in Paris in 2008, where they had played in a math-rock band. When Florent and Erik made their way to New York, they joined forces with Robert and Kage and Brightest Color was formed. Brightest Color has hit the ground at a good pace, releasing their first album in April of 2012, then #2 in October of 2013.

The four songs on #2, “Transatlantic,” “Providence,” “Hindsight” and “Rapture” are very cohesive and create a singular image in a sit down listen. For me, it was steam rising off wet bricks when the sun hits them in the early spring. The guitar work is inventive, original and a downright impressive. The other instrumentation is no slouch either. Synths sound dark and ominous, drums sound creative and meticulously placed and the lead vocal as well as the harmonies are fantastic.

“Transatlantic” begins with a great amount of energy. The voice work is harmonized and calm. The drums and synth work in a tandem pace. Throughout the song, I can tell that this band probably has their practice space organized impeccably: their studio apartments minimal.

“Providence” lets a little more feeling through. The echoing voice work perfectly off synch. “Hindsight” is carried along by a little tweeting, tweaking sound that is pure organic noise. It tickled my ears until they giggled. The use of voice has a serious and focused tone while the cascading guitar creates hypnotic swells of sounds.

“Rapture” brings in a little melancholy verse then picks up in the chorus. The hook brings the listener into a calculated break rich with deep guitar work and crystalline sound.

The energy is consistent throughout this EP, creating a graceful and thoughtful product. They use guitar, drums and a growing synth collection to create their organized noise. Their synth instruments of choice are a DSI Tetra, Roland SH-101, and a Juno 106. The EP was recorded at Studio G Brooklyn where Black Keys recorded Blacroc. Brightest Color is doing their thing in Brooklyn, playing local shows at the Bowery Electric, the Pine Box Rock Shop and Pianos. If you are in the Brooklyn, definitely check them out. - Stephanie Windfeldt

"EP Review - Brightest Color by Brightest Color"

I recently stumbled upon an interesting group of musicians that fuse a lot of elements that I thoroughly enjoy. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Brightest Color mixes the elements of electronic music and math elements to create a unique take that many artists don't seem to take a chance with. As mentioned before, these guys make something enjoyable for me and that something being complex yet addictive in a sort of sense. It isn't often that you get these two characteristics into one product, it is either one or the other. Being new to the scene, their first EP shows what these guys want to bring to the table. Here is a review of their first EP, which is self-titled.

The EP starts off with "Transatlantic", a somewhat calming yet complicated work. A defining bass guitar plays throughout along with math guitar and electronic melodies. The math guitar segments are interesting, adding a different kind of element compared to other electronic artists that I have heard recently. So far, I'm pretty intrigued and I'm hoping that they keep the variety a defining theme throughout this work.

"Intimacy" takes a few more chances, more so with the vocals. They aren't bad, but they can be an acquired taste. I think with a bit more work, the vocals can fully complete the chemistry in the music. Again, the guitar work with the synths just works out perfectly. The instrumentals get some spotlight compared to the previous track, with a few solos (drums and guitar) and great combinations of sound. Although, the track ends up being a bit shorter for my tastes, but the next song makes up for that.

"Capricorns" lets you hear more of the electronic influences and some neat rhythms in the background. The vocals pull back and blend with the mood very well. I feel there are a few trance elements in this track, showing off the change of genre (even if it is a small degree of change). The variety is nice, and kind of gives you that wanting of more.

I think these guys have a chance of creating something quite different in the scene. I'm just hoping that they are able to make a full album and show off their full potential. I think the only complaints I really have are some of the high end vocals and the length of the songs. Otherwise, the combinations they use throughout are well done. Maybe we shall see a release in a few months. Check out the EP in the link below.

Release Date: April 8th, 2012
Production: Self-produced

Track Listing

1. Transatlantic
2. Intimacy
3. Capricorns - Ultima Music Blog




Brooklyn-based band Brightest Color is a gorgeous re-imagining of the 2000s post punk wave. Their new EP, #2, is dark and calculated. The band creates a sound that is math-y and accessible. Erik and Florent do the lion's share of the songwriting. They met in Paris in 2008, where they had played in a math-rock band. When Florent and Erik made their way to New York, they joined forces with Eric and Kage and Brightest Color was formed. Brightest Color has hit the ground at a good pace, releasing their first album in April of 2012, then #2 in October of 2013.

They played a few shows in New York at the Bowery Electric, Pine Box Rock Shop, Trash Bar and Spike Hill amongst others.
Major influences: Foals, Toe, This Town Needs Guns, Colour, NZCA/Lines, Apparat

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