Recently emerging from a Birmingham, Alabama campus, Brightfield is an energetic four-piece rock band featuring melodic hard rock songs with virtuosic solos as well as acoustic guitar and piano driven compositions. Brightfield recently won the Samford University "battle of the bands".


"The electric guitar-driven melodies that infest Brightfield’s songs would have never existed if it weren’t for the efforts of frontman, Casey Marshall. Marshall’s desire to use his musical talents led him to seek out other like-minded musicians at his Birmingham school, Samford University. Out of that search emerged bassist, Adam Powell and drummer, Delanie Calhoun. It wasn’t long before the three realized that they all had a similar desire: to tell others, through rock ‘n roll, that life consists of more important issues than the simple things our society stresses. In the spring of 2005 they decided to make music that presented real people with real issues and pointed them toward a hope they may not have noticed. Shortly after, Ben Thompson joined the band, bringing his skills on lead guitar. The outcome…catchy choruses and thoughtful verses all with a mission."


Brightfield EP: Stronger Than Failure, Counterfeit Love, Addicted, Perfect Father, Winning Loser, Hiding, More than Myself

Brightfield is currently recording their first studio album which will be completed by the end of June.

Set List

Stronger Than Failure, Counterfeit Love, More than Myself, Hiding, Invitation, Addicted, Perfect Father, Throw it Back, Winning Loser, Throw it Back, Unnatural Reciever, Let Down, Walk On (U2)

60-80 minutes