Bright Kicks are from Manchester offering a refreshing blend of indie rock with a funk twist. In 2 short years the band have won band competitions, supported many major acts and cut their critically acclaimed debut ep with Roger Boden (stone roses-sally cinnamon).


bright kicks unique sound is a melting pot of rock, soul, funk and indie. influences range from classics such as hendrix, led zeppelin, the who, james brown, RHCP, stevie wonder and jamiroquai. "Bright Kicks set out their stall in no uncertain terms; they show what you can do with a bit of phatt funky bass (Greg Kelly), incessant angular guitars (Darryn Clarke) and metronomically precise percussion (David Whitworth). Vocally Bright Kicks kick ass too! Bobby Magee slams his foot to the plate to provide the fourth instrument in Bright Kicks' dynamic armoury. Together these guys lay it down big, bold and amazingly tight as jazzy undercurrents feed the pounding rhythms to bolster the superbly proportioned instrumental onslaught with everything finally fusing into one meaty and pretty hot sound."

Set List

typical 30 minute set;
now we are all stars, bag of woo, beautiful people, empty heart, windswept love, love of the fame, crash and burn