Bright Light Avenue

Bright Light Avenue


We are a punk band from Princeton West Virginia. Some of our biggest influences are Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, and Blink 182. We write our own music, and really want to get it out there for people to hear. We're reliable, and ready to play.


We are a Punk/Rock band out of Princeton West Virginia. We play a lot of up beat music, and Our shows are all about energy. We've been playing together for a year now, and we take most of our influence from bands like Fall out Boy, Blink 182, All time Low,We the Kings, and Relient K, but what sets us apart from most bands is our creativeness. We try to do things with our music that no other band has done. That's what sets us apart. We're no just another band; We're Bright Light Avenue.


We are currently recording our ep, and are releasing it in two weeks. We will be getting air play on BSC college radio after the ep is finished.

Set List

We usually play a set of 10-12 songs. The songs consist of origanals and covers. Some of the covers are Sugar We're going down, Circles, and All the small things. We pay mainly originals.