The Bright Light Social Hour

The Bright Light Social Hour

 Austin, Texas, USA

The Bright Light Social Hour delivers bare-assed rock and roll tempered with muscular funk, indie, and psychedelia. Good friends and great communicators, they never forget that they are musicians first, but entertainers even more first.


The Bright Light Social Hour is an American rock band from Austin, Texas. Born out of a university art-rock collective, The Bright Light Social Hour has evolved into an unabashedly wide-screen rock group, melding fists-up rock and roll with muscular funk, soul, and psychedelia. The band recently swept the 29th Annual Austin Music Awards during SXSW 2011 with an unprecedented 6 wins, including Band of the Year, Album of the Year and Song of the Year ("Detroit").

The Central Texas-raised young men of The Bright Light Social Hour have built their growing reputation through exhilarating widely-acclaimed live shows, including the 2009 Austin City Limits Festival. In culmination of their studied development, the band released their debut full-length album in late 2010, simply titled "The Bright Light Social Hour". Recorded in five studios around Austin during summer 2010, the album is founded on sun-drenched optimism, raucous youth, and an innovative brew of American music of varying types - hard rock and roll, indie, rhythm and blues, dance and soul. Producer Danny Reisch of Good Danny's utilized the best elements of vintage and modern recording to achieve a sound both forward-looking and evocative of 1970s hi-fi.

The first track, "Shanty," pairs southern rock with hard disco, featuring the searing slide licks of guitarist Curtis Roush. Following the lean, exuberant stomp of "Bare Hands Bare Feet," the band settles into the dark psychedelic-funk of "La Piedra De La Iguana," led by keyboardist A.J. Vincent's dusky vocal and Farfisa organ work. Throughout the middle of the record, the solemn rhythm and blues of "Detroit" is juxtaposed with "Back And Forth," a four-on-the-floor disco-funk romp. On "Garden Of The Gods," the album's penultimate 10-minute epic, the band evolves from stately ballroom Americana to an expansive, ensemble anthem, conjuring up their limber and unrelenting live sets. The fiery "Rhubarb Jam" closes out the record, featuring the agile, booming funk of bassist Jack O'Brien and drummer Joseph Mirasole.

The Bright Light Social Hour have also just released "New Year's Live," a 4-track live EP recorded during their sold-out set at The Parish Austin on New Year's 2011. Re-teaming with producer/engineer Danny Reisch, "New Year's Live" marks the first audio recording to capture the band's raw live energy, consummated with masterfully directed live video by Hussain Pirani.

The Bright Light Social Hour will be touring nationwide in support of their debut album and live EP throughout 2011. Replete with their vital sound, deep brotherhood, and ever-growing facial hair, the band is steadfast in their singular aim - enduring rock and roll.


Back and Forth

Written By: The Bright Light Social Hour

I'm going back and forth
I want you to feel everything that I feel
It's enough
Pendulous until the sun comes up

I'm going on and off
Twisting like a screw
Baby please, won't you
Show me how to get into it

Baby, oh baby

I'm going in and out
I just don't know what to do
To move with you
Stuck between two shades of you

I'm going back and forth
And that's just what I do
Baby please, let us be
And we'll move like nobody can see

I got a brother says he got the right of way
I got a sister says everything will be okay
I got a morrita too, nos enseñó este ritmo sucio

Been going back and forth


Written By: The Bright Light Social Hour

I need your love
I know that I'm leaving
But I want you to know
Ain't no other way

The day that I met you
Working side by side
At that moment I knew I'd work for you
Til the day I died

Didn't notice the rain
Didn't notice the cold
Didn't notice a damn thing baby
We just let our love unfold

Friday morning I went in
With a weight on my soul
I swear I tried to fight baby but I
Won't be back no more

Pretty baby I know
I told you I'd never leave
But I swear babe I gotta go
If we're going to make ends meet

I need your love


Written By: The Bright Light Social Hour

Gotta keep movin'
Broke down and in ruin
Tell me what are we gonna do?

Don't worry brother
Keep on steady rollin'
We'll figure out something soon

Oh I have only you
To get back through

Soaked all around
Need that Texas rubdown
Tell me what are we gonna do?

Don't worry brother
Just get on down
You know we got a place for you

Bare Hands Bare Feet

Written By: The Bright Light Social Hour

Let's build a city
Bare hands bare feet

Pick a place on a hill
Choose a spot on a beach
It's all within reach
Let's start it

The tallest trees out front
A chicken coop in the back
Nobody's needs in lack
Let's start it

I'll wind power my hips
We'll solar power our souls
Now we're on a roll
Let's start it

A feast every night
A festival every week
If this is what you seek
Come on!

Muévete güerita
Ponte a bailar
Ponte a trabajar
Let's start it

Mueve el culito
Quítate el vestido
Todos somos amigos
Let's start it

Cerveza fría in one hand
Hammer in the other
Get started with your brother
Let's start it

Hey Curtis! Hey what?
Hey A.J.! Hey what?
Hey Jo! Hey what?

Let's build a city
Bare hands bare feet


New Year's Live EP - 2011
The Bright Light Social Hour - 2010

Set List

Up to 90 minutes of original material (sets are normally 45-70 minutes), including:
Bare Hands Bare Feet
La Piedra de la Iguana
Men of the Earth
Back and Forth
Men of the Sea
Garden of the Gods
Rhubarb Jam
Maybe I Do
Psych House
Sweet Madelene
Slip Away
Infinite Cities
Mannish Boy (cover - Muddy Waters)
Young Man Blues (cover - Mose Allison)