Bright Matter

Bright Matter

 Los Angeles, California, USA

All American Rejects meets Weezer meets something new as BkG makes up pop/rock songs with some interesting subject matter. Enjoy!


Bright Matter started last year in a hostel in Barcelona, Spain. BkG was hanging out with some friends, probably a little drunk, and picked up a guitar and started playing for some passer- byers. Little did he know that the next six months he would spend his time writing/recording and makin' some good old fashioned rock music!

Brian's influences come from all over, some of his favorite bands include: Kings of Leon, LCD Soundsystem, Foo Fighters, Paramore, MuteMath, David Guetta, Yellowcard


The Love War Game EP - May 2010
1. Slut!
2. Can't Shake This Feelin'
3. Hold It Down
4. Let Go