Brighton Jams

Brighton Jams


A collective of musicians dedicated to creating improvised live music. We always go down a treat with a lively late-night festival crowd. Lots of footage and audio on our website. Funk, ska, disco & more. Balls-to-the wall dancefloor fodder that's never predictable except in its energy & flair.


Born out of the free party and jamming scene in Brighton, Brighton Jams brings quality live improvised dance music to the festival circuit. Brighton Jams is a collective of musicians dedicated to creating improvised live music. Psychedelic funk... ska reggae punk... disco rap blues... bring your dancing shoes. It's all made up on the spot, on stage, under pressure and under the influence.

Members of the collective have been involved in creating live improvised party music in the south east for many years, under various names & guises. Some of the earliest outings were in 2003, impressing & amusing in equal measure the unsuspecting punters in pubs and at parties & raves. 2007 saw a coming of age for the collective, as they began to formalise their approach as a band and take their raw danceable sound on the road to festivals and local events.

An Brighton Jams event (you might even say a 'happening') is often pure funky sweaty chaos, but the skill & experience of the musicians ensures it is always threaded through with a surprising coherence, and always aimed squarely at the dancefloor. To keep the changes flowing we sometimes use The Inspiratron, a unique audience-participation tool for suggesting changes to the musicians. The display is projected onto a large screen and every time a member of the audience hits the button, a random combination of musical suggestions is shown for a few seconds for the band to interpret 'off the cuff.'


Plenty of video and high quality audio from gigs on the website. All performances are unique one-offs. Have broadcast entire gigs live on Brighton's Radio Reverb.

Set List

No covers, all improvised, although there may be occasional musical nods to famous riffs & basslines. To steal from The Bays: "Performance is the Product."