Bright Spark Destroyer

Bright Spark Destroyer

 London, England, GBR

Bright Spark Destroyer is 32bit colour to a synesthesia sufferer. Having early radio support from 6 Music they released their debut EP 'Holy Yell' in late 2010 - " ..this is a band with more intelligence and guile than many peers but never forgetting how to write a classic tune" - The 405


Bright Spark Destroyer released their debut EP Holy Yell in June 2010, the result of a six-month mobile recording project across the South East of England.

Produced by Jordan Fish (Worship), the songs reflect a shared love of exuberant records like You Forgot It In People, Emergency & I and Silent Alarm; from the anxious piano-led breakbeat of They Already Know to the jubilant guitar fanfare in A Feeling of Health.

The group took shape in late 2009 following the simultaneous deaths of previous bands, as is so often the case. Initially the band were scattered between cities, often exchanging ideas via email, but as the songs developed they gravitated towards London as a base for rehearsals and live shows.

Holy Yell is not a captured snapshot of a band in stasis, it was lovingly constructed, albeit unconventionally. A travelling studio went where the ideas were; a barn in Oxford, a flat in Kilburn, friends' living rooms - over 500 miles' driving time in all, with one of the tracks pieced together on the M4. These changing environments called for technical and musical improvisation; vocal booths were constructed from folding chairs and clothes racks, every attic was raided for old accordions, half-size cellos and rolled up keyboards were even, er, rolled out…


A Feeling Of Health

Written By: Bright Spark Destroyer

I don’t know what is going on / I’m last in every race I run / arrested at the scene of the crime / And stumbling on my opening line / I don’t like what I’ve done to myself / I act like I can’t handle health / Oh drunkenness oh growing concern / The comfort of a closing curtain / Caress / Caress your failures in flight / And sooth them through the sleepless nights / A rush of blood a full understanding / It’s more about the fall than landing / SO I DECLARE A FEELING OF HEALTH / IT COMES OUT AS A HOLY YELL / Whoa…

Unknown Forces

Written By: Bright Spark Destroyer

We were right / We were right / As the dawn drains in and draws the night away once more / We’re slowing to a crawl / And at times / And at times / When you leave your eyes left open wide / You catch a glimpse / A flickering a form / So take your time sleepy / To wake from all thoughts of escape / We’ll stay safe secure and thoughtless / Please pillow down on me / Take the last breath for yourself / But it tastes stale / Like air in offices we’ve filled / Unknown forces / Unknown forces / So I guess / So I guess / It is over now well no regrets / An aftermath with no-one stung or sore / Now we drive and drive / And as our drunken star signs told us we could reconnect / We slam into a wall / For a minute we are weightlessly / Waiting for it all to break / Sudden pressure on my face / We’re safe in harnesses / So I was out for days / Peaceful for a moment / Gather round / We’ll blame it all on unknown forces / And all our time has been misspent / Our welcome has been overstayed / And after our mistakes were made / We spend our lives being overtaken / Unknown forces / Unknown forces


Holy Yell EP (2010)
Tracks 'The Dead Sea Scrolls' and 'The Shortest Distance' both received 6music airplay.

The 405 - (8.0) " ..this is a band with more intelligence and guile than many peers but never forgetting how to write a classic tune. "

Absolute Punk - (8.4) " Urgent, impassioned and richly constructed it's a shimmering work.."

Alt sounds - (8.9) " Holy Yell is great album status, even though it is only an EP. Their final product must be perfection."

Set List

Pull Of The Ocean
The Shortest Distance
Holy Ghost
They Already Know
Unknown Forces
Look The Other Way