Billy Bright and Geoff Union Trio

Billy Bright and Geoff Union Trio


An Acoustic Power Trio performing original songs and instrumentals with world-class instrumental dexterity and bluegrass 'drive'.


Billy Bright and Geoff Union have been playing music together for almost 15 years. They were both long-time members of the Two High String Band (bluegrass), performing at festivals, concert series, and clubs nationwide from 2002-2011. After separate forays into different musical directions, Billy and Geoff have teamed up again to continue down the path of the music they make so well together. Their novel repertoire melds songwriting, composition, instrumental dexterity and bluegrass 'drive' into an original presentation that wows audiences with its combination of raw power, speed, unique lyrical content and sophisticated melodies and improvisation.

In 2012, Bright and Union completed work on a Geoff Union recording entitled 'Cold as Steel'; eight original tunes performed by a five piece bluegrass ensemble, produced by Billy and recorded in his “mando cave”. The CD has aired on over 70 bluegrass stations nationwide and has garnered positive review from several national publications including Bluegrass Today and Bluegrass Unlimited.
Since then, the two have recruited talented Austin bassist Steven Crow (who also appears on 'Cold as Steel') and have been performing at clubs and festivals regionally in Texas such as the Cactus Cafe in Austin, Fire on the Strings Festival in Houston, Llano Bluebell Bluegrass Festival in Llano, and Rice Grass in Fischer, TX. The Billy Bright and Geoff Union Trio will also play 2 headlining sets at the 3rd annual John Hartford Memorial Festival, at Bean Blossom, IN, June 1st.

Work has begun on an album project featuring new songs and instrumentals that will further push the boundary of familiar expectations that should be available in the winter of 2013-14. Until then and beyond, look for this Trio to continue putting their unique stamp on the traditions of Bill Monroe, John Hartford, and Norman Blake.


2012 Geoff Union 'Cold as Steel'
2011 Two High String Band 'Live at Fiddler's Green'
2011 Billy Bright and Chojo Jacques 'Texacali Blues'
2010 Two High String Band 'Hot Texas Bluegrass Burrito'
2009 Geoff Union 'Big Sky Tonight'
2006 Two High String Band 'Moonshine Boogie'
2003 Two High String Band 'Insofarasmuch'