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Brigit Jackson

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Solo R&B Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"New Music"

New single "Bring Sumthin' Outta Me" will be available on iTunes April 9th!

Thanks for supporting this artist! - All Cards Up

"New Music Spotlight: Brigit Jackson" and are two of our favorite sites to explore for new and rising talents in the music industry. These sites are a great tool for the magazine to help discover new talent. This next artist Brigit Jackson is certainly one of those new entertainers that we enjoy featuring on Junior's Cave. Not only is she extremely beautiful but she has a voice that packs a mean punch. With a mixture of up tempo beats to slow jams, Brigit is displaying of range of making music that will give you something to move to.

Check out this recent Q & A that we had with the songstress recently.

Isaac-Joseph: Hello, how are you doing today? What are you most thankful for 2008 so far?

Brigit: Hi, I’m doing great today! I am most thankful to be here in the land of the living! I am a better Christian today than I was yesterday. I am also thankful to be able to hold onto my day job and chase my dreams too!

Isaac-Joseph: If you had to describe your music to an audience, what would be your description of your music?

Brigit: If I had to pick one genre, it would be R&B. But some of my songs fit Pop, Christian, Pop/Country, Acoustic, Dance. I don’t listen to just one genre, I like great music! My music is emotionally-charged, and real. I sing what I feel.

Isaac-Joseph: What do you feel has been the biggest achievement for you in 2007?

Brigit: I was in the studio and my producer told me I was requested by two of his other artists. I completed 2 songs each with both artists and we were very happy with the end results. It is a great feeling to know that there are talented artists out there who want me to work with them!

Isaac-Joseph: What is the most rewarding aspect of making music professionally?

Brigit: The most rewarding aspect of making music is being able to reach people. If I can help lift someone’s spirits if only for a moment, then it is worth it. If my music makes someone want to dance, then that is awesome!

Isaac-Joseph: You have been gaining quite the Indie buzz recently with your music. What has been one of the biggest recent achievements that you are proud of and why?

Brigit: I think my most recent achievement is finally taking a chance on myself. I am grateful that people are listening to my music. One of my songs “Make It Bounce” was Indie pick of the week for several weeks at theUrban Another song “Change” was played on a local Baltimore radio station. That was cool!

Isaac-Joseph: If you had an opportunity to collaborate with anyone artist or group, who would it be and why?

Brigit: There are too many to name. But I would love to collaborate with Alicia Keys. She has a powerful voice! I like her delivery: strong, emotional, and real. She also has a great humanitarian spirit.

Isaac-Joseph: What do you feel you have contributed to the music industry so far in your career?

Brigit: I believe I contribute realness. I write and sing just for the love of it. I will do it until I run out of words even if I don’t get anything in return. I keep pushing forward! The right things will happen at the right time--like this interview!

Isaac-Joseph: One of my favorite tracks from you is Groove Wit Me. It really shows the range of your voice in my opinion. Which tracks have you received the greatest feedback from your fans?

Brigit: Thank you. “Groove Wit Me” and “Make It Bounce” have both received the greatest positive feedback. A music supervisor contacted me a few months ago to pitch “Make It Bounce” for a movie. It didn’t make the final cut but talk about excitement! He also said he would like to pitch “Groove Wit Me” for another project.

Isaac-Joseph: Which ones do you like to perform live to? Brigit: Any upbeat song that I can dance to and watch the crowd move to, is the one I like to perform the most.

Isaac-Joseph: Who do you consider to be your biggest influence musically and why?

Brigit: Prince is one of my biggest influences. His music crosses over several genres. I am a fan of rock also and he rocks that guitar! He writes for many other artists that are not in his genre and that is something that I can relate to. He did the acting thing too. That is something I have been fortunate enough to get a taste of too. If you don’t blink, you’ll see me walk by during the train station scene of “Stomp The Yard”.

Isaac-Joseph: Final Thoughts, Shout out time, and Shameless plugs:

Brigit: I’d like to thank Junior’s Cave for having me. I really appreciate it! I’d like to give a shout out to my family and friends who have supported me through everything! Big thanks to Shawn Lopes for collaborating with me and to J. David Leonard for his production. Thanks to all the DJs who play my music around the world. For those of you who don’t know me, please come visit me at Thank you!

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"Brigit Jackson"

From the hot spring of talent in ATL comes multitasking singer-producer-arranger Brigit Jackson, crafting a seductive midtempo groover with “Change,” skittish percussive action kicking the track forward like it has caffeine jitters. It feels like it needs a fuller instrumental production—swells and changeups instead of repetitions—but I like how Jackson treats her voice. “Take Me There” applies a Kanye-approved production gimmick that’ll fast be played out—string washes with what sounds like a sped-up soul sample in the background—yet it still manages to sound fresh here in all its derivativeness. Finally, the strong neo-soul statement of assertiveness “Let Me Be Me” completes the package, Jackson showing herself to be very professional, very canny, very in touch with contemporary trends. And very much recommended, though it wouldn’t be a bad thing for her to entrust her productions to others with ideas of their own. - Joseph McCombs




Brigit Jackson's explosive vocals will keep you rocking til the last note! BRIGIT is a PROLIFIC writer injecting emotion and soulful style into all of her songs. She had the privilege of performing at venues from Madison Square Garden to private release parties in Baltimore and Atlanta. She is a breath of fresh air! Her vocal style is reminiscent of Alicia Keys, Beyonce, and Mary J. Blige. Her cover of the late Teena Marie's most popular song "Lovergirl" is just a sampling of the powerhouse vocals this artist harbors. In addition, her cover of Adele's "Hometown Glory" is amazing!

BRIGIT released her new song, Bring Sumthin' Outta Me, on her own label, All Cards Up. She co-owns the label with talented writer, G. Lucciano, along with Austin "Ice" Hall on the instrumentals. Bring Sumthin' Outta Me is currently in rotation on Women of Substance Radio, as well as other internet radio stations. Working with a great team on their label and a veteran #1 songwriter in the business, Brigit is ready to take it up a notch! Visit BRIGIT at

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