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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Bril has been receiving press and radio airply for well over 3 years now. Unfortunately, we do not publish press reviews, as that is one person's view of our music. We play and perform music because we love it and it's who we are. Please listen to our music or see a live show and decide whether or not you like us. You can also check us out at,, - Bril


Single - Whenever You're Gone
EP - "The Fourth Iteration" Available exclusively at live shows, and, Starting Feb. 22nd Sony will release "TFI" on iTunes and most electronic medias
LP - "Airless Alarm" Due Fall 05 on Kirtland Records/Sony


Feeling a bit camera shy


You often wonder how great bands come together. Is it fate, a little bit of luck, some sort of chance? What? The real answer is, who cares? Do you love them? Can you identify with the music? Do they move you? Is there something about the music that makes you feel good? If you give this band a chance, Bril will deliver on all of them. Don’t take my word for it. Check them out for yourself. See a show, pick up a c.d. These guys are contagious.

What is Bril? A building known for the great songwriters of the seventies? British Slang? A formal identity? I guess you can say it’s all of those. But more importantly, it’s what the music defines for you. You can say they sound like a band you’ve heard before or a sound that reminds you of a time or place that you wish you could be in again. But to say you don’t love this band from the first note struck is anything but a lie.

Through a car radio, cd, or a live performance, you may say that they sound like something you love or love to hate. Whatever the case, Bril is a group of guys who all share music as a passion, not a passion to play, but a passion to live. The emotion that defines this band can be found in every track on their “Fourth Iteration” e.p. as well as their upcoming, full length entitled "Airless Alarm," due out summer of 2005 on Kirtland Records.

Bril has always been an evolving enigma. When they lose themselves in the music that’s when you know its happening. They have been crafting songs together from the beginning, pushing the boundries of comfort zones and pesonal influences to bring a style of music all of their own.

Dave Starr comes from a classic singer/songwriter background following in no ones footsteps. He may remind you of people you know or have heard before, but the sincerity he brings you into with each song, you’ll know he has a style unlike any of his peers. His lyrics don’t just define the song or himself, if you listen closely, you’ll find they define you too.

Kris Winrich has spent his whole life preparing to be in the limelight. He brings swirling guitars and rich tectures to new levels in every note that radiates from his guitar. Technically advanced yet simply defined, he mixes that dirty British guitar tone with driving hooks to keep your attention completely focused.

Scott Nelson is the rock. Period. His driving bass keeps this band rolling through mindfields of musical madness. From the top to the bottom, Scott finds his way to make your heart stop and start, over and over with his thunderous, driving grooves.

Kelly, the younger brother Winrich, is caught in the middle of all that surrounds him. He unleashes himself relentlessly onto his drums and takes control of the rythm like a man possessed. Kelly is the kind of person who enjoys taking the pieces of the puzzle apart before he puts them back together in hopes of discovering something new and fresh.

What else is left to say? Great music, great band, great show!!! Don’t miss it!!! As they tour throughout the U.S. and Europe in support of their upcoming full length release, they will be infecting the airwaves with their form of rock and roll. Pick up their music, check out a show, come be part of what is the next great wave of sound, the Bril sound. To be continued................................