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igh-energy, hard, driving, British-style rhythm and blues
A typical set by Brilleaux consists of a mixture of R&B Classics and exciting original material that these masters of R and B have been performing since 1999.

There is nobody in the country playing R&B like these guys.
If you are looking for slow, cruisey, relaxing renditions of old blues classics then you have got the wrong band! These guys go from 0-100 mph in the first set!

Brilleaux are a very visual and exciting band to see


Graham Clark's ban Brilleaux takes both its name and inspiration from Lee Brilleaux, of the British rhythm and Blues band Dr Feelgood. Lee Brilleaux founded Dr Feelgood with guitar player extraordinaire Wilko Johnson in 1971. They were a hard edged London pub-rock ban band - almost proto-punk - bringing all the grit of east London into their blues influenced music.

It is this influence, this persona of Lee Brilleaux which Clark adopts on stage, the same well dressed, animated, prowl all over the stage performance that connects immediately with an audience.

The music too is in the same style as Dr Feelgood, but Tauranga's Brilleaux is not a tribute band. Although the music is played with the same menacing energy, blending blues and rock like Dr Feelgood did, the songs and arrangements are all their own.

These days Clark writes much of the material. From their last release "Live at the Colosseum" (recorded in the ragey Tauranga venue), 7 of the 10 cuts are Clark originals and the other 3 are blues covers.

All the songs are tightly arranged with Clark's powerhouse harmonica playing complementing the guitar work of Bruce Rolands, and the impressively tight rhythm section of Ian (Beano) Gilpin and Brian Franks.

Roland's Les Paul and hard rock influenced style is a key part of the hard, driving, rhythm and blues sound that has made Brilleaux a must-see act at festivals throughout the country.

BOP Blues Club Review July 2009


Welcome to the Brilleaux Show (Original)

Maximum R & B (Traditional Rhythm and Blues Covers)

Eight Track Style (Original)

Live at the Colosseum (Live Original and Covers)

Decade (Original - 2 cover versions)

Set List

Can perform original material for 3 hours

Can perform British-style R&B Classics for 3 hours

Can play a mixture of both

A performance by Brilleaux is too energetic to play for more than 3 hours