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Almasi and Lisa make the sensational Gospel duet known as Brilliance. This Gospel duet combines harmonic songs with rhythmic testimonies and praises to the Lord, to create a unique sound inspired solely by the Holy Spirit and used for the purpose of up-building the Kingdom of God.


Almasi got his start in 1999 with an R&B group known as "Something Else." This group was made up of four young men that performed around the state of Florida singing the majority of their songs acappella and in four part harmony. Something Else won several talent shows around Florida, sung at many weddings and even church events. After the group seperated in 2002 Almasi began to advance a solo career using his talents in Rap and R&B. This career advance would not last long. In 2005 Almasi gave his life along with his talents in music fully to God. He began singing and rapping for God and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead him at all times.
Lisa started a singing career in 1998 in her high school chorus. Her chorus group traveled all around the United States and won many prestigious awards. After graduating high school in 2001 Lisa received a scholarship to Florida State University, where she would continue to receive training in classical music. In 2005 Lisa decided to begin a career singing R&B music. Her R&B music career would not last long either. In 2006 Lisa devoted her talents totally to God.
On May 13, 2006 a brilliant thing occurred; Almasi and Lisa were joined together in Holy matrimony and have been making beautiful music together every since. In December of 2007 Brilliance released their debut album entitled Truth Be Told. They are currently recording their sophomore album which is scheduled to be released April 13, 2010 and they are planning a life changing tour that will spread the Word through their God-given, innovative and engaging music ministry.


Truth Be Told - 2007; debut
A Brilliant Christmas - 2008
Jump - 2010; single
Hey Look - 2010; single

Set List

Average set ranges from 15-30 mins.
Full concert ranges from 45 mins - 1 hour.