Detroit, Michigan, USA
BandHip HopPop


Luster, splendor, and excellence are all parts of the dictionary definition of “brilliance.” However, in music circles, “Brilliance” refers to the Motor City rapper whose “Shades Down” has become a radio and online sensation. Now, with his latest track, “Beautiful in Every Way,” building on that success, he appears to be on the verge of a serious breakthrough.

A veteran of nearly ten year in the music industry, Brilliance has worked with many of the top producers in the country in studios on both coasts. But, when presented with the chance to work with creative mastermind Jeff Bass, co-writer and producer of the Grammy- and Oscar-winning song “Lose Yourself,” he jumped at the opportunity.

“His appeal covers all ages,” says Bass. “He has tremendous potential to create major hit music, and his positive lyric content should take him a long way.”

“Working in my hometown of Detroit, and working with Jeff, is a dream situation,” says Brilliance. “The immediate goal is to put out four albums in the next five years. At the same time, we’re looking at other aspects of the entertainment business, such as movies and TV. There’s no reason those goals can’t be met, making my work widely known in the next few years.”

With that positive attitude, and his obvious talent, anything seems possible.

That’s sheer “Brilliance!!!”

Set List

20-45 Minutes
Full Band
-Keyboard, Drummer, Guitar, Violin, Onstage DJ


Onstage DJ and Hypeman