Brilliant Fanzine

Brilliant Fanzine


indie rock pop, following in the tradition of the Beatles, doves and the Monkees. Songs with melody!


Brilliant Fanzine released their debut album ‘Then Comes Monday ’ through Popboomerang Records. Recorded with the assistance of producer Simon Polinski (The Church and Tim Finn) throughout 2006, ‘Then Comes Monday ’ references 60’s pop, rock, psychedelia, country, disco, trance and indie music’s finest.

Framed by the sonically vicarious single ‘Change For You’, two years since their debut EP ‘One In 10,000’ shook the Australia music landscape in 2005, Brilliant Fanzine are finally set to unload their debut LP

First EP, ....One In 10,000’’, recorded in a Brunswick kitchen in late 2004, made an immediate impression, gaining accolades from Triple J’s Richard Kingsmill and Robbie Buck, spending three months in Triple J’s Net 50 and peaking at number 3 on the chart in mid-2005. ’One in 10,000’ was included on Triple J’s home and hosed compilation for the 2005/06 edition. The EP also gained regular airplay on RRR, PBS and FBI.


One in 10,000 EP
Change for you (Single)
Then Comes Monday (Album)