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Roxby Downs, South Australia, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2008

Roxby Downs, South Australia, Australia
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Americana Folk




"Press Quotes & Band Highlights"

BRILLIG press quotes

“Completely captivating, full of magic. Imperiously recommended.” – LaDefuncion (SPAIN)

“The Handsome Family, Decemberists, Johnny Cash and Nick Cave all provide points of reference, and it’s no surprise that Brillig are beginning to garner the same sort of critical approval those other artists have attracted over the years…” – Leicester Bangs (UK)

“If you know what Cohen, Cash, Cave & The Cure have in common, it’s right here.” - Periplaneta Magazine (GERMANY)

“A mixture of innovation & folk traditionalism; often radical & always enchanting.”- BGS Magazine (UK)

“BRILLIG is Brilliant. 5 out of 5… A refreshing, eclectic mix of acoustic styles” – J. Franz, Review You (SA)

“A musical world of charm, elegance and distinctiveness.“ – Medienkonverter (GERMANY)

“Adept story-telling with days-gone-by poetic flair.” - dB Magazine (AUSTRALIA)

“An admirable synthesis of class and cleverness“ – Versacrum (ITALY)
“5 out of 5“ – D. Nicoletto, Review You (USA)

“A magical “not-of-this-world”touch” - Dark Moments (GERMANY)

“Full of tender beauty that digs into the soul with unusual force.” – Mentenebre (SPAIN)

“Somewhere between Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen or Neil Young. ******“ – Elektrauma (GERMANY)

“One catchy moment after another – madness!” – Kultur Terrorismus (GERMANY)

“Beautiful, melancholic and tragic stories that need to be heard.” – Whiskey Soda (GERMANY)

“I think the most appropriate description would be the offspring between Nick Cav e+ The Pogues“ – Side-Line (BELGIUM)

“Musical pearls full of fragility and grace“ – Uselinks (GERMANY)

“Like The Dresden Dolls and The Real Tuesday Weld…both refreshing and intoxicating.” - Heathen Harvest (ISRAEL)

“Enticing, dreamily romantic, twisted and sinister melancholy feeling, which captivates their listeners“ – Orkus (GMANY)

“A little wave, a little singer-songwriter, a little folk, a little indie, a little chanson, but above all, BRILLIG.” – Ikecht (NETHERLANDS)

“…it is BRILLIG’s own unique and unaffected sound that has garnered them so many fans around the world. It was that inimitable style that kept The Front spellbound last Tuesday night.” - FasterLouder (AUSTRALIA)

“A truly consciousness, mature and well designed brew… 8 out of 10″ – Schwarze News (GERMANY)

“Bold enough to offer audiences something different. BRILLIG are story-tellers from another time who successfully channel wonderful elements of colonial era folk music for 21st Century audiences.” -M. Stasiak, MusicSA (AUSTRALIA)

“Able to please their audiences of all kinds, ages and genres. *****.” – Gothic Paradise (USA)



USA “Over The Oceans” Tour: Chomp & Stomp Festival (GA), Rome (GA), Nashville (TN), Sandy Springs (GA), Duluth (GA), Atlanta (GA)
USA Live to Air on USA radio: WFRG (GA), AM1690 (GA), 95.7 TheRidge (GA);
Gorgeous Festival ‘Petit Rosso’ Stage;
Adelaide Fringe Festival (SOLD OUT SEASON),
Kinky Friedman support at The Gov;
Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) support at The Gov;
Single Launch “Crew of the Damned”;
Port Adelaide Tall Ships Festival;
Leaps & Bounds Festival (VIC);
Dark Heart Exhibition / featured performance, Art Gallery of SA;
Fear Eater Theatre featured band
World Music Series @ Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre


WGT Festival (Germany), Europe Tour (Germany, Czech Republic),
Wellington Folk Fest (New Zealand) & New Zealand Tour,
National Australian Tours,
Illawarra Folk Fest (NSW),
Maldon Folk Fest (VIC),
Adelaide Fringe Festival (SA),
Deep South Roots & Blues Fest (SA),
Semaphore Music Fest (SA),
Courthouse Carnival (SA),
Fleurieu Folk Fest (SA),
Radio Adelaide Live Music Festival (SA),
Coopers Alive (SA);

SUPPORTS: The Bad Shepherds feat. Adrian Edmondson (UK), CW Stoneking, Peter Murphy (Bauhaus; UK), The Blackeyed Susans, Eric Bogle, The Audreys, The Handsome Family (USA), Jason Webley (USA), Voltaire (USA), Mick Thomas, Sime Nugent, Ned Collette, Martin Martini & the Bone Palace Orchestra & more.

Various stations in Australia (including Triple J national + numerous #1 spots on 3D Radio), Germany, UK, Spain, Belgium, Italy, France, Russia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, USA, Switzerland, Portugal & more. Video screenings on RAGE (National ABC TV); signed to Australia’s JL Music Publishing (2011-2014). German record label Black Rain also manages Brillig’s back catalogue (2007-2011) in Europe. - (Various Publications)


Crew of the Damned (single 2014)
I Ain't Ever Gonna See The Sea (LP 2013)
The Red Coats (LP 2009-10)
Jack Davey (EP 2008)



When it comes to Americana Folk, acclaimed Australian trio BRILLIG boldly twist the traditional. With an artful blend of cowboy ballads, sea shanties and brooding folk tunes, these multi-instrumentalists keep their audiences spellbound by enchanting storytelling and a days-gone-by poetic flair.

BRILLIG’s distinct sound tips a hat to an eclectic combination of styles, with press comparing them to Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, The Decemberists, The Pogues and more.

They have traveled the globe with their sound and stories, captivating crowds at Festivals in Germany, Czech Republic, New Zealand, across Australia, and most recently in Nashville and Atlanta in the USA, earning 5 star reviews and extensive airplay along the way.  They’ve also shared the stage with many a music luminary, including supports for The Bad Shepherds (feat. Ade Edmondson, UK), Kinky Friedman (USA), Peter Murphy (Bauhaus, UK), The Handsome Family (USA), Eric Bogle, Blackeyed Susans, CW Stoneking, The Audreys and more.

Hear the band’s charm, class, mystery & mischief for yourself on latest LP (2013) “I Ain’t Ever Gonna See the Sea”, which was recorded in analogue at famed studio Mixmasters. BRILLIG’s latest release, the single “Crew of the Damned” (July 2014), debuted at #1 on Three D Radio, and more launches are earmarked for November 2014 and the Adelaide Fringe Festival in February 2015.

The band are currently planning a return trip to the USA in 2015, with a brand new single in tow.


"BRILLIG is brilliant! A refreshing mix of acoustic styles." ***** - Review You (USA)

"A magical not-of-this-world touch" - Dark Moments (GERMANY)

"Both refreshing & intoxicating" - Heathen Harvest (ISRAEL)

"One catchy moment after another...madness!" - KulturTerrorismus (GERMANY)

"Bold enough to offer audiences something different" - MusicSA (AUSTRALIA)

"Mixing innovation & folk traditionalism; often radical & always enchanting" - BubblegumS Magazine (UK)

The Handsome Family, Decemberists, Johnny Cash and Nick Cave all provide points of reference, and it’s no surprise that Brillig are beginning to garner the same sort of critical approval those other artists have attracted over the years…” – Leicester Bangs (UK)

“An admirable synthesis of class and cleverness– Versacrum (ITALY)

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