Brine and Bastards

Brine and Bastards


Brine and Bastards is New Jersey's premier pirate punk rock band. All our songs are pirate themed and catchy as hell, and range in style from traditional shanties to sing along punk rock anthems.


In August of 2004, vocalist “Skipper” Shawn “Short Dong” Dillon (The Rodneys), bassist “Handsome” John “Miserable” McGuire (Pencey Prep), and guitarist George “The Fisherman” Collazo (Nancy Drew, Dead Go West), formed punk rock pirate band, Brine & Bastards. Merging their love of punk rock, sea shanties and nautical lore, New Jersey’s premiere purveyors of filth and fury gave birth to a fun, kick ass stage show.

On their maiden voyage, Brine & Bastards sold out the seminal Loop Lounge. From there, they went on to play with circus-themed World Inferno Friendship Society and Cartoon Network sensation, MC Chris; all while sailing a perilous sea of line-up changes, even breaking Spinal Tap’s drummer record. Shortly thereafter, the drummer Dan “The Navigator” Peacock (Theee Bishops) joined the crew, finalizing the rhythm section.

Retooled and repurposed, Brine & Bastards took a 6 month furlough to refit and record their debut album. The scurvy slime named the record Set Sail For Sodomy, a reference to the oft Churchill attributed quote, “The only traditions of the Royal Navy are rum, sodomy and the lash.”

Today, Brine & Bastards sallies forth, joined by “The Mad Alchemist” Matt Dallow on accordion and “Dead Eye” Dave Trainer on guitar. The crew plants its dread flag through venues like Maxwell’s, Otto’s Shrunken Head and Asbury Lanes, slaying mediocrity and soiling the Garden State’s indie rock and emo graves.


Set Sail for Sodomy LP

Set List

Divide the Plunder (instrumental)
A Pirate's Life for Me
Spanish Prison

Beneath the Waves
Taste of the East

Song of the Siren
Last Call
Whiskey Johnny
Prayer for a HomeSick Sailor

The Pilot
Leaving of Liver Pool
Battle Stations

Typical covers include a shanty version of the Misfits' Braineaters

Our sets are usually between 35 minutes to an hour depending on the show.