Bring Back All

Bring Back All


Our music is something you feel connected to but you cant hate it if you hear it a thousand times over, kinda like something or someone you love. :)


Well, we are Bring Back All, a young, dedicated, and talented 4 piece Pop-Punk band out of Hagerstown, Maryland. We started out as a cover band. After realizing that was a dead end path, we started to write our own music. We wrote our first song and everyone was impressed by the way we all collaborated. After realizing that we might have potential we began to write more songs. Summer of 2009 they recorded their new EP titled "I Could Get Used To This" with Kory Gable at Pin Up Recording in Baltimore, Maryland.

- Bring back all has only been together for 2 years now and their powerful vocals and catchy melodies prove their unique ways of creating music. Now Bring Back All is full with ideas, writing music, and trying to make the most out of their music and have a good time.The songs you're going to listen are proof of the band's high energy which can be seen live.


"Steppin' in her hi-tops"
"I Could Get Used to This"

EP- "I Could Get Uses to This"-2009

Demo- "Bring Back All"

Set List

- Intro
- This is You
- No Escape
- Don't Kiss and Tell
- Typically Speaking
- I Could Get Used to This
- Where the Scene is At
- Jumping Fences
- Steppin'
- One of a Kind
- Take a Chance
- Missed Intentions
- Try Again

This is a 45 min. to an hour set.