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Bring Back The Guns

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" of the coolest bands I've ever seen/heard, from Houston or otherwise. Chances are that nobody in this town will ever realize how good they are, even though they might well be the closest we've got to the Archers of Loaf, Spoon, or Pavement. Skewed, mildly 'progressive' pop songs that are smart as hell..."--Jeremy Hart -

"In truth, Bring Back The Guns are incredibly fun. They are masters at taking completely unrelated segments of music, stabbing them together and making them work as if they serve to tell some sort of immense, epic tale."--Lance Walker - 002 Magazine

"Houston post-punk gurus--an indie rock band of the highest order. Unofficially dubbed the hardest working band in Houston. With their musical direction constantly changing, this band sets themselves apart from the crowd." -


Dry Futures (upcoming debut full-length, completed)
Split 7-inch with So Many Dynamos released in June, 2005
Split EP with DrillBox Ignition, 2002
Knuckleheads and Icons EP, 2000

I Hate It Here, I Never Want to Leave, Moustache Records 2005, compilation of independent Houston bands
Demons & Rare Meat, Mission Label 2004



Imagine the bow-tied rage of a chess genius at his first lost tournament, a spelling bee prodigy after missing an easy word. Imagine the anger irrational numbers feel, when they realize they'll never make the bigtime. Imagine the neighbor dog over the fence, that wants out so badly he's frothing at the mouth. Where do you go when you can't get out? Imagine being shushed in the library when you weren't even the one talking, a kid so pissed off he's going to walk until he doesn't want to fight anymore. Set the rage to music.

Bring Back The Guns is a messy experiment in taking pop and punk tropes to the classical museum hoping to get thrown out. There's a mathematical precision that belies the boiling underneath, a surface of timing and beats, wordplay, performance, persona that performs the same function as a paper plate during an eclipse. BBTG twists its primal screams into exquisite sculpture and invites you to knock over the ropes on the way to touch the art. BBTG is anger and love and other short words with long definitions: pop, math-rock, post-Pavement, anti-cool.

But once, Matt, Blake, Thomas and Erik (ex-Octopus Project) were the award-winning Groceries, and in five years they released two albums: the 1999 EP "Knuckleheads and Icons" and a 2001 split EP with DrillboxIgnition. Blake took off in late 2002 and now flies actual airplanes through the actual sky. The rest of the band toured twice with the Toadies, once with Lozenge (Sickroom Records) and did the West Coast with the Octopus Project (Peekaboo). In 2004 Ryan Joined the band on bass, and now they were Bring Back The Guns. Now they were freaking everybody out. Now the music got uglier, the beats got faster, and the anger got redder.

For the next 1.5 years, scads of touring took them all over the lower 48. The boys have hit the midwest and south repeatedly and both coasts twice. They've done stretches with the likes of Old Time Relijun (K Records), The Show is the Rainbow (Tsk Tsk), Danielson (Secretly Canadian), Don Caballero (Relapse), and Emperor X (Discos Mariscos). Recording and Mixing on the full-length technically ended December 31, 2005 but since that date they've put out a 7" on Discos Mariscos and appeared on two nationally distributed comps. BBTG is looking forward to the release of their debut album this year on Feow! records distributed by Revolver, so do your part and be prepared, because the band would be sad if you were startled or injured by their next sudden appearance. Pay attention-- and save up that rage.