bringing fish

bringing fish


The members of bringing fish distill scripture into songs that shine poetically and musically, testing them weekly at their home churches and abroad. Their collective goal is to worship in such a genuine and transparent way that the reality of God is unquestionable.


5000 people sat hungry while 12 miracle-seasoned disciples mired themselves in unbelief. A boy offered his 5 loaves and 2 fish with the faith they could help the situation. bringing fish has taken its trajectory from this boy, knowing that everything we have has been gifted to us by God and should be returned to Him at every opportunity to be used as He sees fit.

Each member of bringing fish had pursued music relentlessly and been pulled inescapably back to the truth that music was given us solely as a means to worship God. Their collective goal from the beginning has simply been to worship in such a genuine and transparent way that the presence and reality of God is unquestionable.

A year after their inception, bf released their first full length album “the bridge invisible”, a disc aimed at showing people the beauty of Christ and their own beauty in light of His sacrifice for them. They sweated out their ardent message at city-wide festivals and youth gatherings across the prairies making the most of every opportunity they could find or create. bf took their message to local theatres monthly, playing gigs for others to raise funds for their own events. These events culminated in the summer of 2001 when they rented one of North America’s premier theatres, the Winspear centre and put on a week’s worth of events outdoors on the Edmonton Legislature grounds during the world track and field championships.

bf’s second full length recording “despite the changing day” was released in the summer of 2003 revealing a definite gelling of the band’s writing style as well as a further refinement of their musical and lyrical palettes. It was released just in time for the group to make the trip to Sioux Falls, SD to lead a week of worship for an international youth conference held every 3 years by the North American Baptist Conference.

The members of bringing fish continue to distill scripture into songs that shine poetically and musically, writing and testing them weekly at their home church and abroad. Their hope is that they will constantly challenge others, and be challenged themselves, to offer what little we all have to be multiplied by the God who feeds the masses with a boy’s lunch and moves mountains with faith the size of a mustard seed.


The Sweetest Sound

Written By: Micah Slavens

Consuming fire
Consume this life
Burn away the things that stray
Until only You remain

Almighty God
Rule in me
Conform our hearts to Yours
For Your ways are mysteries

I dare not hope in earthly gain
But bow my will to Jesus’ reign
All other things the faintest sound
Jesus You’re the sweetest song we sing


Written By: Jeremy Putz

Jesus You’re beautiful, beautiful
And I’ve found my joy in You

Like rain that falls in the farmers dry hand
Pour out
Like sun that changes the darkest day
You shine, You shine
Like fire that warms up the coldest night
You burn our sin away, away
Yes You burn all our sin away, away

Darkness Run

Written By: Paul Fuellbrandt

The Lord is greater than everything
By His thought alone time began
Nothing can stand against His word
In His power our protection is assured

You have sealed this room Lord
Your power fills this place
Darkness run away
He has broken all Your chains

We are breaking down these walls
We will not listen to these lies
In the light of Christ all darkness is devoured
And we stand tonight in that holy cleansing fire


"The Bridge Invisible" Full Length Release - 2001

"Despite the Changing Day" Full Length Release - 2003

Set List

1. As a group whose passion is leading worship, the majority of the engagements we accept will be worship-oriented. We will work with the venue to ensure that a large percentage of the material used is familiar to the attendees. The rest of the content will be comprised of original worship music. Occasionally, we will accept events that are more performance-oriented and include only original music in those sets.

2. We know that God’s words are always better than our words so we use songs that have scripture quotations and/or paraphrases as much as possible. We also intersperse scripture often throughout worship times we lead.

3. Everyone who attends a worship time has equal standing in God’s eyes and has equal amounts to bring (I Cor. 14:26). When practical, we like to have a mic available for people to share what God has been speaking to them so long as it is for the encouragement of the church (I Cor. 14:3). The role of bringing fish and event leadership during these times is