Brink of Something Beautiful

Brink of Something Beautiful


Brink of Something Beautiful has no identity. Often playing on both sides of the spectrum, the band can be aggressive yet contemplative, heavy yet melodic; transparent yet complicated. They are a cohesive unit with the ability to bring brutality and beauty together.


Brink of Something Beautiful hails from Miami, Florida, where they formed in November of 2005. The five member metalcore/post hardcore group incorporates different elements into their music, ranging from hardcore and metal to contemporary jazz and classical influences. They currently play various venues and are booking a summer tour. Brink of Something Beautiful is just getting started to make their mark on the hardcore music scene.

Tony Martinez, Dana Salminen, Tim Stimpson, Karl Fagerstrom, and Brandon Mayer are the musicians behind Brink of Something Beautiful. An interesting mix of backgrounds, ranging from Florida and the Northeast, to Seattle and Indonesia, the band was formed when Tim met Tony and Karl. From there Dana and finally Brandon were recruited. Their original vocalist Benjamin Vipler left the band in October of 2006.

The name “Brink of Something Beautiful” was originally conceived by Ben, and holds strong ties to many of the band’s lyrics. It centers on a theme of self-discovery and growth and relates to many of the outside influences the band relies on when writing their music.

The members of Brink of Something Beautiful all have strong musical backgrounds. They all played in bands prior to forming Brink and with the exception of one member, have all been formally trained in their instruments and in music theory. Dana has also had the honor of playing at Carnegie Hall multiple times. To add to the prestige of the group, Karl has won a plethora of awards for both drums and the trumpet, such as All-Northwest Jazz Band Drummer 2005 and the Berklee College of Music Scholarship in 2004. Their training is apparent in their performance, with their energy and precision being unmatched.

Their talent is also evident in their writing. “In Memory of Dana” continues with their theme of self discovery. The song revolves around a character that is constantly collapsing under pressure by what is around him, while emphasizing how important it is not to surrender who you are and to fight for your identity. “Where’s James Bond When You Need Him” is a social commentary on the complacency of this generation. The song uses heavy symbolism, such as fire, suggesting it can only take one person to serve as an example for others. Both of these songs are examples of how Brink of Something Beautiful is not just another hardcore band, but a passionate combination of musicians who are doing what they love.

Their first album “The Doctrine of Ethos” was released in March 2008. Their debut showcases a mixture of influences, from hardcore and mathcore bands. Influences for this album include The Dillinger, Escape Plan, The Black Dahlia Murder and others Brink of Something Beautiful utilizes mathematics in their instrumentation, which stems from their engineering backgrounds. Many of their lyrics have been inspired by vocalist Tony Martinez’s personal experiences and surroundings.

Tony has been quoted saying, “Our only goal is to make music that everybody can listen to and find honesty in – maybe too much honesty – something that can speak to them.” Brink of Something Beautiful has a passion that is clear in their music and lyrics. Whether on stage or in the studio the band never misses a beat and unmistakably reaches their fans while staying true to their music. Brink of Something Beautiful has only just begun on the road to success.

‘Cane Records is the student-run record label at the University of Miami, established by students in the Music Business and Entertainment Industries Program in 1993. “Doctrine of Ethos” will be the twentieth album release by the label. For more information, please visit


In Memory of Dana

Written By: Brink of Something Beautiful

He burns in a never-ending hail. His heart could not survive. It brings him to his knees. He fought so hard for nothing. He asks for redemption in the eyes of all the sinners. He'll be the image you create. A blank sheet, cleared of what he was. Take everything that I give you and throw it all away. Don't be so far gone. Blind, deaf to all that's happening. With every breath that is in you, takes years to blow away. Every time I turn around you're there, staring violently. You are laughing at me. Dreams bitter sweet, if you wake up screaming. You are my nightmare. He can't give up his dreams, they provide his escape. The past, the present, the future is deafening. I know you're listening. We are truly on the brink of something beautiful. He'll change who he is. Drink bleach and watch the colors stain. Take everything that I give you and throw it all away. He'll be what you want. Come clean, he lost himself again. With every breath that is in you, takes years to blow away. Rise and fight in this war until you die. You ran and now you're caught in this corner. Take up your arms right here, right now, and make this your last stand. This is your life, you can't hand it so easily. The worst is yet to come...

In Silence, She Fell

Written By: Brink of Something Beautiful

And so here I stand, face to face with you once more. But you just stare, cold-faced and blank as I try, like some strange osmosis to get my mind into yours. It's funny how things work. I find it so funny sometimes, and I wonder, will I ever come down from this? Has it really come down to this? Your silent rhetoric shadows the blame. Will I ever come down from this? Silence only speaks your name. Look into my eyes and promise to breathe, tonight our lungs fill with water. And remember me for who I am today, tomorrow I can't feel the same. If you think that I have forgotten why I breathe. If you think that I have forgotten, bleed. *Please don't leave*. Remember. I know it takes five to make twenty. That's how long I spent searching, failing, looking for my own self. The sorrow and the sadness, they can't break me. Here I stand patiently, stronger. You just stood there. Punch your fist through the wall. Punch your fist, yea this ain't working. You promised to breathe, but I'm still waiting. So here I stand face to face with you once more, but you just stare cold-faced and blank as I try...

Hazel the Happy Sandwich Lady

Written By: Brink of Something Beautiful

You make me sick. Whoever thought to let you in my life. All you gave, I give back in a blaze, in a glory, or lack thereof. It's laid to waste. I've had enough and I say every day, "you bring pain to my heart at night". You make me sick to my stomach by day. It's no lie, that you're the joke of this whole town with your name and derivations. I've got one more for you and it comes in this song. I tried to find the motives for all that you do, and it's puzzling. If things ever go awry, I'm warning you. You're hazel eyes in mine, feel so alive. And I have to put a stop to this so I wrote it down. And now the world will know. Only the strong survive. Those eyes are haunting me; it's me they want. I cannot see nor walk. It's making me anxious. And if ever I should die here's my letter, it'd read, to you, from me, it's poison. Eat, live, learn, die, with pride I die. Show those hazel eyes. Always be satisfied, live, learn, and die. Always be gratified, don't cry. I put my life on the line for too long...

New England's Dark Day

Written By: Brink of Something Beautiful

Walk past the corner we met at - with all the cars and the traffic. We've lost the words. It's like this never happened. We tend to think of tomorrow, the day after yesterday. And though our ideas are so bright, we're still in the dark. We need input. We're artists with a block and athletes with a crutch who worship the burn in the back of our throats. It's a relief to know we were born to lead despite the fact that we're made to follow. People love to watch you fall. Stand and receive what's been made for you. When this love affair with power grows stale, like a disenchanted lover. London calling Paris, something's terribly wrong. As the message is sent, the phones go dead; it's a matter of time. And it's in that moment you'll ask why, but the answer is clearly there. We wasted so much time with our drinks in the air. London calling Paris, it seems the end is here. We wasted so much time with our drinks in the air. And though our dreams are so bright it's still so damn dark...

Where's James Bond When You Need Him?

Written By: Brink of Something Beautiful

Looking out, troubled by what I see. Nothing can describe my sheer disapproval. Rising tall like great men do. It's a deed lost with no epic fall. It's become so clear to me, what this world needs is a martyr. Do I sit idly with disdain? I will be that change I create. With rise comes fall, with bliss comes pain. I've come to terms with all I am. With passion and precision, though lightly armed. I will set this fire in a crowded room. Drench my body in gasoline. Watch as I burst in flames, and watch it spread. It's time to take back what we have lost. Stand, the time has come. Fight, for our way of life. I will defend those I love with my life. I will be that change now. Seal the exits, fire ignites, seal the exits, no one survives. No one can touch me now. My skin burns a deep color red. With that said I will give it all, to be that change I create. Oh God, this is critical. If truth is my passion, then this is my power...

FibCakes (Disaster at Club Felt)

Written By: Brink of Something Beautiful

We have lost all sense of time. The people are running but we just don't mind. What the hell is going on? I've stopped dancing but they keep right on. Backstep then forward, a step to the side, just focus on the stride. They push us aside. Backstep, a step to the side, forward, how's my stride? Now it seems our ballroom technique's alright. The Devil's coming; he's got his dancing shoes. The people all dancing in pseudo-harmony. They all see nobility and focus on his ballad. Behold his beauty; succumb to his grace. Wake up to find that you are lost. The verdict's in. The devil's out tonight. Hold yourself together man. We dance in hell tonight. Pay no mind to all the screaming, just focus on his ballad. Ready, steady, here he comes; to your places one by one. This is how we fall before the sun comes down. One, two, three let's get this party started and play those songs we all love. We're made to follow but it's time to lead. When this song has played out which side will you dare to be on?


Written By: Brink of Something Beautiful

It's deafening now. Broken are these dreams and everything I ever thought was real. I'm choking on this. I thought I could kill my past, but here I lay, my past killed me. I chose this fate I'm living. Like showering in the dark. Without a fire inside you. Like fire without a spark. There's no hope for survival. Like Noah without his ark. And you're dead on arrival. Like blades that don't leave a mark. And I just want to feel alive, but alive is just a word. So hopeless. And I know that I'll make sense of this with time. So I had to die to live, drown to breathe. Then there will be nothing they can do to me. I'm already grown. I'm already home. Standing on that beach that day I lay a witness to myself that never, will I ever, call this place my home. Holding my last breath as if it could last forever, I realized it's the sunken heart that sinks the very least. I had to die to live, I had to drown to breathe, I had...

Dancing with Ghosts

Written By: Brink of Something Beautiful

We've got a long way before we work this out. So hold your breath. You cut us short and now we'll never know what it should have been. I hope this pleases you now for this will be the greatest decision among endings that I will ever regret. And there you run in light of finding someone new, but face it darling, you're just as hopeless as I am. So we both dance with ghosts and the false pawns that crowd our beds. So spare us the lonely nights and follow your heart. Do you remember what real passion is because I don't, and I would die for the taste of security. I know you can walk around and feign that smile, but ultimately, you are just as alone as I. And so it'll go. We've got a long way before we work this out. So hold your breath. You cut us short and now we'll never know what we should have been...And when the world comes crashing down you'd better save me this last dance. A last dance that we owe to ourselves...

The Allied Invasion of Sicily

Written By: Brink of Something Beautiful

The people line up to see for themselves, a flower unleashed at the peak of itself. But little do they all know all bets are off. You should've seen their faces with wonder then horror. It's beauty marked up in black. Clearing out what is left of it. Its death a cause for mystery. It was that there was just no time, no time at all. My arms are tied behind my back. So surreal, so surreal. And to think how things could change so quick. I would give anything just to see, just to be, just to know what it is now. So let's take the shock and move on. Sabotage is possible. And it's possible in this world we live. *Please don't leave*. They tore you apart, but I could not put back the pieces. You sold yourself so short, but the price that I pay is much more than I bargained for. And I guess it serves right. I guess all that's beautiful must die. And it's in death I hope you find something within yourself. And it's the perfume that carries on, when all is said and done. And it's a beauty marked by a sudden death, and you taught us how to live, you taught us how to live, taught us how to live...

Sleep and His Half-Brother, Death

Written By: Brink of Something Beautiful

I built my own radio. I sat on rooftops to set my trap. The air is ripe, the night is crisp but there's no signal out tonight. I sat for years in this spot; I swear I heard you speak. I'm still convinced our signals will cross, but my breaths are getting heavy. This was the day I woke up. When we wake we become busy men on borrowed New York time. But I think it's crucial that I tell you that you're beautiful. I swear I heard a voice coming through, trying to reach out to me there, but already those days are gone. This gun I hold has become too heavy and as a result my aim has suffered. It was then I smashed this radio up against the wall and decided against those rooftop dreams; and decided against my long held dreams. My angels and demons are one and the same. My insights plague my insides, my muse and my bane. Now I'm that busy man on borrowed time smashing damned radios in the mean time. I swear I heard a voice coming through, trying to reach out to me there, but already those days are gone. I built a radio today and I swear I heard you speak. As the sweat wets my face I look up to take a breath. I look up to take my last breath. It's the difference in the man that makes the difference in the end. We're standing on tall mountains and we're drowning in rivers. We're the best but the worst at everything we do. It's the sight of the fall rather than the stand that we take. And it's the flaws that we remember at last. And accepting at last that it makes no sense on this eve of an unimportant day. I'm chewing on these words I said, but I'm choking now and there is no sound on this eve of an unimportant day. I'm holding you close but I'm miles away...


LP: Doctrine of Ethos (2008)

Set List

Typical set list is anywhere from 5 to all of these songs from our LP:

- New England's Dark Day
- Where's James Bond When You Need Him?
- Fibcakes (Disaster at Club Felt)
- In Silence, She Fell
- Trainwreck
- In Memory of Dana
- Dancing With Ghosts
- Hazel the Happy Sandwich Lady
- The Allied Invasion of Sicily
- Sleep and His Half-Brother, Death