Brisa Roche

Brisa Roche


A band with a common feeling for playing live, a will to be as fearless and generous as possible, physically and emotively free and intense. Five extremists philosophically and animally aligned, lead by a preteen flavored shaman singer. Song=ours. Music=GarageDisco-PsychedelicRock-LovehowlingPop.


Led by American singer-songwriter Brisa Roché, the other band members come from a coal mining town in northern France. All have personal muiscal projects; all come together in a kind of lust for liberty on stage, where moments of psychedelic, animal improvisation punctuate short emotional pop songs, and strong sound-choices illustrating the vivid story-lyrics through sexual rock n roll, and sincerely joyful garage-disco. After a 60 date tour together Brisa took the band to the mountains of northern California to write the next record, living together and making demos in her parents' solar-powered studio, giant bass amps dwarfing casio keyboards from the 80's, the drummer banging on Brisa's little sister's drum kit. Songs done they flew out to NY, where they recorded in Henry Hirsch's gothic church studio. This band is an adventure love story.


- "The Chase" / Album (Blue Note / Capitol Music - 2005)
- "Takes" / Album (Discograph - 2007)
- "NOW !" / New album (to be released 2010)

Set List

It's Alright
Without a Plan
Sweat King
Hard As Love
Stone Trade
Ali Baba
Do What You Can Do
Green Light
Past Contemplative
Breathe In Speak Out
Open Your Lock
Pitch Black Spotlight
Mile Stride

We prefer long headlining sets, an hour and a half. But we can do sets of different lengths, for example if we're opening for somebody. Sometimes technical reasons make us modify our sets, or if the show has some kind of theme.. Every once in a while we'll do a cover for fun "My Little Runaway" or Devo's "Girl You Want" or "Don't You Forget About Me", but it's rare. We really like playing our own songs!