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Bristol To Memory

Santa Ana, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | SELF

Santa Ana, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2005
Band Alternative Punk




"Alternative Pop-Punk Review: Bristol To Memory-Animus"

Bristol To Memory, an Alternative Pop-Punk band, has been established in the LA music scene since to 2005. Hailing from Santa Ana, California they are recording and touring veterans

Rory O’Connell (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Alex Buster (drums, percussion, vocals), Kealan O’Connell (bass, vocals) and Ken Aquino (guitar, vocals) make up the current lineup. Although Rory handles the lead vocal duties everyone in the band sings and contributes their parts besides providing the spot on instrumentation.

With Animus, their fourth proper release, the band takes all of that experience and packs it into 7 tracks of high energy power pop and punk. “It'll Happen Or It Won't” comes flying out the starting gate setting the fast paced tempo of this recording. Not until “Get A Grip” do things slow down to show the diversity the band can offer. The vocals on the slower acoustic led track reminded me of R.E.M. quite a bit. “Weekends” returns to “the pedal to the metal” party atmosphere this band is so good at providing.

There is a definite formula to the music of Bristol To Memory and it works. With 10 years of experience under their belt this band sounds seasoned and ready to rock at the drop of a hat. In today’s music world 7 tracks is a shade over what an EP would hold but it gets the job done showing off the true colors of the band. This is just enough to whet your appetite for more, good thinking guys!

Animus does not break any new ground but what you get is straightforward rock and sometimes that is all you want or need to get your motor running. If that is what you are looking for, give Bristol To Memory a shot at providing the fuel you need to get started.

4/5 Stars

1. It'll Happen Or It Won't
2. Don't Hold Back Baby
3. Bitch Please
4. Get A Grip
5. Weekends
6. It's In My Head
7. It's OK

Key Tracks: It'll Happen Or It Won't, Get A Grip

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-Write A Music Review Founder

August 5, 2014

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"Premiere: Bristol To Memory "It's Ok""

Bristol To Memory, an Alternative Rock/Pop-Punk band, has been established in the LA/OC music scene since to 2005. The group formed of childhood friends hails from Santa Ana and is influenced by bands such as Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, and Say Anything. Their musical compositions and collaboration evokes a feeling of nostalgic excitement with their dynamic guitar progression, thrilling choruses and poetic lyrics.

The video for “It’s Ok” is a video that follows a day of a man who we’re sure is having one of the worst days ever. Starting with being berated at the front door by an irate woman, to having his car taken apart by some unforgiving locals, and on and on, his day just gets worse. But he never loses the, um, smile on his face. He even catches a fleeting glimpse of an equally upbeat gal, eventually catching up in an almost romantic moment. But don’t worry, the universe is still doing everything in its power to ruin that moment, too! - Skope Magazine

"Best Punk Band in Orange County"

Bristol To Memory - Voted Best Punk Band 2014 by OC Weekly's Reader's Choice Magazine - OC Weekly

"The Meaning of Music"

Hear ye, hear ye! Another brilliant discovery! Gather around to hear the tale of Bristol To Memory. I had the pleasure of seeing this band perform live recently, and needless to say; I was pleasantly impressed with them.

Bristol To Memory is an alternative Pop-Punk band that hails from the wonderful world of Los Angeles. They have adopted influential sounds that tend to remind me of The Lumineers, Say Anything, and Fall Out Boy. I know what you’re thinking: What? Is that even possible? Yes my friends, yes it is. One of my personal favorites, “Marty McDy” from their latest EP, Don’t Hold Your Breath starts off with a nostalgic clean electric guitar riff before kicking into an upbeat tune that has the same spunk as Fall Out Boy, primarily because of the singing style of the lead vocals.

This band consists of three band members, including Rory O’Connell (Ro-Motion) on vocals and guitar, Kealan O’Connell (Kilo) on bass, Alex Buster (Bones) on drums, and Ken Aquino (Chocolate Pain) on guitar and vocals. This band offers a lot of sweet sounds that are influenced by Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, and Say Anything. Their riffs and beats tend to evoke “nostalgic excitement” that makes you think about your youthful care-free days (one of my personal favorite elements of alternative pop punk). These guys have been in the scene since 2005, and since then, they’ve released Don’t Hold Your Breath EP, Light Up The Fire EP, For the Kings, and a single titled “I Bet On You” which was released as a bonus track for Light Up The Fire. “I Bet On You” quickly became one of my personal favorites with the golden poetic lines such as “Well I believe that you and I are true. Why yes I do, I do, I do believe in you” and “Let the future dream create a masterpiece”.

There’s a sense of hopefulness that I have noticed to be in the lyrics of a lot of bands within this genre, which is why it has become such a beloved genre; it’s why music matters in the first place. Music isn’t simply a form of expression for the musician to communicate a message that is meaningful to them, but it is also a communication between the musician and singer where for the duration of whatever song you’re listening to, there’s a connection between the two. What makes music so valuable is that there’s a moment when you completely understand the feeling, emotion, or pain that the vocalist is singing about, or there may be a song that may even get in touch with a memory that you treasure more than any other possession. Art, in general, is the strongest way of communication. There are plenty of songs that saved lives, books that have inspired people, and paintings that have changed our outlook in the world. It’s one of the most basic and yet brilliant ways that we’ve advanced through generations.

That being said, Bristol To Memory, ladies and gentlemen! They’ve seen plenty of corners of the world in their touring adventures including Van’s Warped Tour, Roxy, and The Whiskey, and they’re not stopping any time soon. Their latest piece of work is the EP: Don’t Hold Your Breath, which was released March of this year. I definitely recommend you check it out; there are great songs on there including the bitter-hearted romantic “Cherry Cheeks” and the resiliently hopeful “Truth”. Bristol To Memory has everything your sweet little pop-punk heart needs. They have the crunch, the great solos and riffs, the thoughtful lyrics, and the back-up vocals to throw your fist in the air to. You have got to love it. So, go fourth and rock a plenty my dear friends!

Keep fighting the good fight; Tunage has got your back.


Written by Deanna Trombley - Tunage

"BTM - The real deal"

"No matter how many times I've seen them live, the show never gets old." - CWG Magazine - CWG Magazine

"You would be doing yourself a disservice if you let this one pass by you unnoticed."

Bristol to Memory
Don't Hold Your Breath

Based out of Orange County, California, Bristol to Memory formed in the mid-2000s. Consisting of Rory O’Connell (vocals, guitar), Kealan O’Connell (bass), Ken Aquino (guitar), and Alex Buster (bass), Bristol to Memory is the best alternative rock band that has been gaining some momentum over the past few years. With a steady fan base in their native California, they have toured the West Coast and played on the Vans Warped Tour back in 2009. Don’t Hold Your Breath is their fourth release and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you let this one pass by you unnoticed.

Don’t Hold Your Breath packs more emotion and talent in four songs than most bands hope for in a full length release. Starting off this gem of an EP is “Marty McDy.” It is like a sweet breeze of air that comes on that perfect spring day. It has an infectious beat and the clever and intelligent lyrics backed by Rory’s voice bring this and the rest of the songs onto a higher level. “Cherry Cheeks” is another sizzling track that really gets going when we get to the chorus for the first time and it never looks back. Just let yourself be taken in by the story that the lyrics tell and the smooth tunes. It gets better with each listen.

“Hold On” is a relentless release of energy with its hard rocking sound. It is another gem of songwriting from these guys. This song is explosive like a volcano and do not be surprised if you find yourself jamming out with the song. It is hard not to feel the passion coming from the vocals. If you did not think they could top themselves after the previous three songs, “Truth” closes this release out in grand fashion. I almost want to say that this is my favorite of the four, but they are all so fantastic that it is too hard to choose a definite favorite song.

Bristol to Memory’s Don’t Hold Your Breath is not a revolution in the Alternative Rock genre, but I will be gladly damned if it does not set a new standard. These guys have mastered their craft and not a beat is wasted. After listening to this a few times, I wish I had my own stamp of approval because I would not hesitate to put it on this.

Key Tracks: ALL
Brian McKinnon – Sr. Staff
September 7, 2012
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"The lyrics are witty and intelligent, maintaining the listener’s interest." - OC Music Magazine


Killer Is The Muse - 2005
For The Kings - 2007
Light Up The Fire - 2010
Don't Hold Your Breath - 2012
Animus - 2014



Bristol To Memory, an Alternative Rock/Pop-Punk band, has been established in the LA/OC music scene since to 2005. The group formed of childhood friends hails from Santa Ana and is influenced by bands such as Green Day, Taking Back Sunday, and Brand New. Their musical compositions and collaboration evokes a feeling of nostalgic excitement with their dynamic guitar progression, thrilling choruses and poetic lyrics.

The band has continued to expand their scope with tours across the Western United States, Canada and most recently the Midwest and Eastern United States. They have also had music featured on several national television networks such as MTV, Oxygen Channel, and Fox Sports West with the Los Angeles Angels Baseball Club. Along with their TV success, they have played the stages of Van’s Warped Tour, SXSW Music Festival, House Of Blues, The Roxy, The Whiskey and many more. With more than eight years of touring and recording under their belt, the band is well adapted to the road and ready for more.

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