British Knights

British Knights


Hailing from L.A British Knights was highly influenced by skate culture ,and there party mentality. He takes every aspect of this to heart in his music ,and when he takes the stage. He wants you to get rad and get low on the dance floor.


After producing his first album at age 16, Britton Wetherald (aka British Knights) has worked professionally as a producer and sound engineer for almost 10 years, spanning music genres and styles.

He studied production at Full Sail University in Florida and honed his craft in LA under the tutelege of Norman Whitefield. He has worked alongside Rico Lumpkins (TLC,Outkast, etc), Machine Drum.

In 2005 he arrived in the Windy City and began djing and started creating remixes for the underground music scene, hoping to contribute to and evolve the style of Chicago's legendary dance scene.

From downtown Saturday night residencies to Wicker Park clubs and underground loft events, British Knights has played events with djs Flosstradamus, Willy Joy, Rampage (Ghetto Division), Million$$Mano, Huggies Supreme and New York's Cobra Krames to put on epic dance parties. His number one goal - "to make girls get low." He wants you to let loose, and you will.

He currently can be found working with Chicago nightlife promoters KDM as well as producing his new E.P old english for neon. British Knights can be heard on Cobra Krames latest single "Sick Wit It".


Aaliyah-One in a Million- British Knights Juke it out Remix

Major Lazor-Hold the Line- Call waiting Remix

Passion Pit-The Reeling-British Knights Kids go Ravey Remix

T.I-What you Know about That-British Knights Xsessive ice Remix

Cobra Crames-Sick Wit it- Official Remix
Remixes can be found streaming on

Sneakers and Soda Pop Mixtape.

Set List

Dj set range from 1-2 hours

Dj set includes original music titles such as only the lonely, Checks in the mail, set also include Remixes stated above and dance party anthems, club hits.