British Phil

British Phil

 West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

British Phil performs a style of music that has come to be known as "Swamp Troll Rock". It is a mix of Folk, Bluegrass and Rock with sometimes troll inspired lyrics! The band features the very talented Tim Vitullo on lead guitar. He is the best you will ever see... not kidding.


British Phil is a totally unique college band out of Penn State University. They draw from Folk, Bluegrass, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop genres to create their own sound, often described as Swamp Troll Rock. Songwriter and front man Michael Doyle never gets too serious, keeping the music fun and energetic. Soloists Tim Vitullo and Michael Rudolph provide virtuosic, fast paced fiddle and electric guitar lines merging rock and bluegrass seamlessly. Adding to the bands sound they often throw in banjo, latin percussion and even beatbox.


We have tracks streaming on 94.5 and 90.7 in State College. Our most popular song is titled Big Spoon.

Set List

Big Spoon
River's Callin'
Riverside Walkin'
Hilltop Getaway
King of the Mandolin
Mod Blues
+many more

Covers by:
Grateful Dead
The Killers
Rusted Root
Tom Petty
+many more