Britney's Krack

Britney's Krack


Pop punk in the same vein as "Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies" - comedy junk rock - here for a drunk time, not a long time.


Based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Britney's Krack was formed in late 2002. Feeling that the over sensationalized world
of pop music was seriously flawed, the guys took it upon themselves to form a new breed of Rock'n'Roll. . . Shit-Rock.

Feeling that many of the songs being played on the radio we actually good songs, justperformed by manufactured pop icons,
Britney's Krack decided to play those songs with an edge, and get the general public to enjoy the music for what it was.

In the beginning, the band featured the line up of James and Bruce on Vocals and Drums, with Ryan Ginger on Bass and
Guenther Von Rockk on Guitar. They headed into the Music Gym recording studio in Burlington and recorded their first EP
"One More Time".

Within weeks the band was playing on the Dean Blundell Show on Edge 102.1 in Toronto and had appeared on "Lullabys in
Razorland" on CFMU in Hamilton. The website got hit with 1200 visitors in one day. The band played a sold out gig at The
Casbah in Hamilton and played venues such as Toronto's Reverb, Holy Joe's and Hamilton's legendary Corktown Tavern.
The "Divorce Gig" at the Reverb was recorded and featured live strippers which pulled unwanted attention from the club
owner. Their reputation got the better of them during the now infamous gig at The 360, in Toronto, when Guenther showed up
minutes before going on stage with a broken nose, leaving James too drunk to know any better resulting in a mishap that got
the band shut down and banned from the venue.

In 2003, Guenther Von Rockk left the band to pursue his on musical endeavours and The Real Dr. Dre came on board. Adding
a heavier sound to the band, that Summer they headed into West-Side Recording Studios to record their follow up EP "Back
In Krack". The band played some classic gigs at the Bovine Sex Club and Lee's Palace in Toronto and a string of dates back
at the Corktown in Hamilton. True to form, the police were called due to complaints about their racy, adult posters.

In late fall 2004, the band played their first all ages show at the Hamilton YMCA, where, because of too much alcohol, they
were almost barred from playing. This would prove to be the last gig for Ryan Ginger. Closing in ranks, they brought in
another Ryan (Coke)on Bass, and hunkered down in the studio to work on their next EP.

In March of 2005 The Real Dr. Dre left and his shoes were filled by Johnny Bud of the "Poisoned Aeros" (DoubleHell Records)
Johnny debuted on St. Patricks day at The Corktown, where James (after consuming a bottle of straigh Rum) was so
drunk, he forgot all of the words and promptly collapsed on stage..... pathetic.

A lot of people ask what Britney's Krack is about.. this is a dificult question. Originally the band was about nothing, at all..
However, over the past couple of years, things have changed a little......

True, they are not a band playing original music, and it is dificult to book gigs on the original band circuit. However, although
they play covers, they are not a traditional cover band either, and don't play gigs at pubs where they have to endure three,
forty minute sets to people who couldn't care less. Add to the fact that their reputation preceeds them, one can easily see
the aprehension Booking Agents may face.

Because of this conundrum, Britney's Krack gigs are few and far between, usually one every 6 weeks or so. But they are a
spectacle, the show is as important as the music. They stand their ground and the band have stood up for themselves and
others who have been pushed around by venues, booking agents and promoters. Their presence on Bulletin Boards and
Internet Forums make them unpopular within the industry. But the they stick by those who have the balls to book, promote
and support the band.

Britney's Krack are not a Punk band, not a Rock band, not a Glam Band, yet they take aspects of all of them. Drink and be
merry! They do.....


"One More Time" ep released 2001
"Back In Krack" ep released 2004
"Never Mind The Sex Pistols... Here's Our Bollocks" CD released 2005

Set List

One More Time (Britney Spears)
Angels (Robbie Williams)
She Bangs (Ricky Martin)
Oops I Did It Again (Britney Spears)
Genie In A Bottle (Christina Aguileira)
Beautiful (Christina Aguileira)
Wherever Whenever (Shakira)
Living La Vida Loca (Ricky Martin)
Larger Than Life (Backstreet Boys)
Everbody (Backstreet Boys)
I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys)
Kids In America (Kim Wilde)
Careless Whisper (George Michael)
Hero (Enrique Iglesias)
Believe (Cher)
Wish You were Here (Pink Floyd)
Lets Get The Party Started (Pink)
Waiting For Tonight (Jennifer Lopez)
Complicated (Avril Lavigne)