Briton Malcom Bennett

Briton Malcom Bennett


Piano Based Pop with Heavy influences of Jackson Browne, Bruce Hornsby, Coldplay, and Ben Folds. Based in Charleston SC. Briton is 20 years old and has been preforming professionally since he was 12 years old. Songs are emotion based with a young adult target audience.


Briton is 20 years old and originally from Pinehurst, NC where he grew up. He moved to Charleston, SC, where he currently resides, when he was 18 years old. In his younger days he preformed as a drummer with a Christian Rock group. They toured in NC before disbanding in 2005. He was a classically trained pianist for 12 years where he competed in numerous local, regional, and national competitions. He was a national finalist for many years in the Piano Guild as well as a Semi Finalist in the NCMTA Piano competition.


Say Goodbye EP

Set List

Set List ranges from 20 Minutes to 3 hours. Includes mostly originals but can be expanded to include many covers. Typical cover repertoire includes pop music spanning many decades from 60's to Today.

Set List Includes but not limited to:

Say Goodbye
I'm Ok
Blinded by Your Glory
Minolta's Song
Feet on the Ground
Dream On
Mexico-Jump Little Children
Piano Man- Billy Joel