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Houston, Texas, United States

Houston, Texas, United States
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"True Star"

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Be On The Watch For....Brittani Washington!
Posted by Randy C. Bonds on December 8, 2009 at 3:06pm
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On Beyonce's latest DVD, "I Am...Yours", which was a recording of her live performance in Las Vegas, she describes the time when she went into the studio to record a demo, "Independent Women", and her father snuck the demo to Sony Pictures to submit for the Charlie's Angel soundtrack without her consent. Although it was an invasion of her privacy, it was a huge moment in her career seeing that the song became a #1 hit that remained #1 for 12 weeks straight.

This story was very similar to that of Brittani Washington, who also had a hidden talent that was exposed to the world through the invasion of her parents, who were both pastors. While playing the keyboard was initially something that Brittani did in solidarity while no one else was around out of joy, it soon became a job as her parents discovered this talent of hers, and appointed her as the church piano player. She was only 8 years old, and taking on the task that's sometimes much more than people 3 times her age of the time can bare to take on. Anybody that grew up in a church knows how hard it is to be a church musician, considering music is a huge part of the church, all the music has to be memorized, and you never know when the spirit is going to move someone to sing something that they made up in their head that no one has ever heard, but has to play, which requires a really strong ear for music and harmony. Because of this job, she was always at the church, always learning songs for the choir, and mostly surrounded by adults considering that she had to attend even the events that were only for the adults, but required her piano playing.

While her free-willed passion may have turned into a mandatory job that required countless hours of sacrifice and dedicated practice, it prepared her for the job that she would soon embark upon, and that is being a key figure in the all female band of one of the industry's most talented and hard working entertainers, Beyonce! In more ways than she may have realized, her childhood prepared her for working with the demanding Beyonce, and with all of the duties required of her since her youth since the age of 8, now at the age of 24, it's all 2nd nature to her.

While working under Beonce, she has learned so much from the importance of being herself, which she considers the best advice Beyonce has given her, down to having a strong work ethic and always giving 200% even when you may be very tired. She's also learned to be a versatile performer with the ability to sing and dance cohesively, which has always been a dream of hers, considering dance was one of her first passions, and learned to take her experiences and allow them to reflect in her music. She hopes to show the world all that she's learned from her childhood into adult hood as she shares her life and experiences in her album, "Pink Polish", which can be found on iTunes. Brittani is ready for a lifetime of success and ready to touch the hearts of all that's willing to listen as she travels along the way.

- Randy C. Bonds


I have just released my album entitled "Pink Polish" It is now available on, itunes and My single "Happy" is now in rotation.



My name is Brittani Washington, and I am from a small city called Port Arthur Tx. I have been a musician all my life. I was told that I started singing before I started talking, I couldn't really tell you if thats true are not! Music is my passion!! I love recording and performing. There is a lot to say when your describing my music and my voice. My music is very exciting and my voice is transformable. I believe my sound and style is quite foxy if I might say so myself. The sound was pulled from different genres of music like pop, rock, hip hop, and electro. Currently I am one of the keyboard players for Mrs. Beyonce Knowles Carter, and I definitely love my job! In 2006, she held auditions for a all female band, and in just a short period of time my life was changed. That was probably one of the most exciting moments in my life. I started working for her and performing right away! My first performance was at the age of seven. I sang aint no mountain high enough in church! From then on I began playing and taking local gigs at the very young age of seven and I havent stopped. I love music and what it represents. I absolutely love to sing in front of anybody. I love to perform! What sets me apart from other bands would be my sexy confident and bold attitude. My influence would be Marvin Gaye and the way he used to glide and float on stage. Taking control is what I like to do on the stage.