Brittany Clarke

Brittany Clarke


Young, energetic, country performer that will bridge the new sounds of country, pop, & rock with our country classic roots.


Brittany Clarke is a 17 year old junior at Webber High School in Bluford, Illinois. Brittany has enjoyed singing since she was very young. She has been singing in school and church functions since she was 5 years old. Her first live performance, other than school and church, was a homecoming celebration for a local gospel group when she was 11. Brittany also performs in local theater productions, as well as music festivals.

Brittany has competed in several talent contests and after winning a local talent contest in 2004, she was able to record her first professional CD titled 'Brittany Clarke.'
Brittany sings cover songs of some of her favorite country and pop artists, from Martina McBride to Ashlee Simpson.

Brittany's voice surprises most first time listeners, the comment being “I can't believe such a strong voice comes from such a small package.'”

In August of 2005, Brittany opened for the Oak Ridge Boys. She has also opened a few times for last year's Nashville Star performer Mal Rodgers, as well as Nashville recording artist, Kevin Blake Weldon. Brittany won 1st place in the Illinois State Fair talent contest. She also has sung at several area festivals. She has performed several times this winter at Country Time Dance Hall in Nason.

This winter, Brittany sang at the Kentucky Opry in Draffenville, KY. They recently invited her to become part of their Stars of Tomorrow cast performing throughout the summer. She was also invited to audition for a new NBC TV series to be aired this summer called America’s Got Talent. This is a Simon Cowell production. She has also recently taped a TV show called Nashville on Stage. This is aired in Tennessee and Kentucky.

Although she continues to be busy, Brittany loves to sing and is looking forward to booking more performances.


We have tracks with streaming or radio airplay.

Set List

Sets are usually about 1 hour long.
I have up to three sets.
Set List #1
1. Good Old Fashion Romance
2. Rocky Top
3. God Bless the USA
4. If Only
5. She's In Love With The Boy
6. Georgia Rain
7. Long Time Comin
8. Forgive
9. Break Down Here
10. Kerosene
11. There You'll Be
12. Start Talking Love
13. Someone's Watching Over Me
14. If You Love Me
15. The Way You Love Me
16. Good Rain
17. Mississippi Girl

Set List #2
1. Down In Mississippi
2. Strawberry Wine
3. Son of a Preacherman
4. Woman in the Moon
5. God Fearin Women
6. Bring Me Down
7. Dream
8. Didn't Mean to Love You
9. Don't Speak
10. Me & Charlie Talking
11. Concrete Angel
12. Build Me Up Buttercup
13. Baby Girl
14. Trying to Find Atlantis
15. The Finishing Touch
16. Safe in the Arms of Love

Set List #3
1. Angel of Mine
2. Shadow
3. Blessed
4. Harper Valley PTA
5. The Race is On
6. It's a Heartache
7. My Give a Damn's Busted
8. I Try to Think About Elvis
9. Those Word