Brittany Devens

Brittany Devens


I am a unique female artist who writes, plays and sings her own music. Self taught guitarist and vocalist. My music runs along the lines of Jewel and Tracy Chapman. I am a very deep person and write, sing and play from my heart. As music is my only passion...


I play my guitar and I sing alone. When I am playing I forget where I am and am very passionate about what I do. I look up to Jewel and Jason Mraz and any other naturally devoted performer. I enjoy Ani DiFranco's style and have been told I am like her. I do things my way, and will never change for anyone.


Don't Leave My Side

Written By: Brittany Devens

You're far from just pretty and you're lightyears from ugly
You live on the sun and sleep with the moon
Well you hold my whole day
Well baby keep it comin', I'm lovin' every second of it and you are my best friend
I'm glad to see your face, I missed your smile
It's good to see that nothin's changed oh bring it back, bring it back, bring it all back once again

Don't leave my side

I finally memorized your favorite verse and now your favorite verse is my favorite verse
Sing with me tonight, oh it's been a while since we sang your song in harmony, harmony, harmony, harmony

Don't leave my side

And don't be surprised if I had to sacrifice my everything for you to breathe
Well I'd do it twice and again, that's how much you mean to me
And I'm lucky to be locked to you, and I threw away the key
Well I hope that means something, well at least does to me oh

Don't leave my side

Don't leave my side



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