Brittany Wells

Brittany Wells


Brittany Wells has just become the ONLY Female Indy-Label Artist to have back to back singles "Somebody's Somebody" and "Too Long" chart R&R Indicator in 2005. The only other two new female artist to do the same this year are Gretchen Wilson and Miranda Lambert.


Brittany who is currently a senior at SMU recently spent her Christmas Break in Nashville recording a brand new cd. The cd is the first ever of its kind.

10 of the best songwriters in Nashville each pitched 10-15 songs for the project. The songs were then narrowed down to 25. Rick Barker then used his morning radio show to A&R the project. "If you plan on trying to get it played on radio, why not get the listeners feedback before you spend the money, not afterward?" said Barker.

To take it one step further, they invited a writer from each of the songs to produce their cut.

Chris Lindsey, the Executive Producer on the project put together the best sesion players in Nashville and tracked the record at Station West. Luke Wooten also mixed the project. Vocals were cut at John and Martina McBrides Blackbird Studios.

Storme Warren captured the recording on tape.

If you are interested in finding out more about the project, contact Rick Barker at 805-896-7815.


2005 Loving Every Minute of It
Spindletop Records

"Somebody's Somebody" spent weeks on the R&R Indicator Charts and received rave reviews from some of the toughest critics on Music Row. The video also appeared on GAC.