Britt Black

Britt Black



At ten years of age she co-wrote the song “Violence” which was recorded by Bif Naked and released worldwide on Lava / Atlantic Records. At fourteen she assembled her first rock band, an all female teen group “LiveonRelease”. At fifteen years of age she wrote the hit “I’m Afraid of Britney Spears” which was added to “Dude Where’s My Car” soundtrack and caused Warner Music to immediately snap the band up and release their debut album “seeing red”. Now after almost four years, another album “Goes on a Fieldtrip” several national tours, international showcasing, more high rotation videos, National TV & radio shows. Britt Black has decidedly sharpened her chops playing everything that has come her way from Grade 7 grads, punk shows, skate parks, ice cream parlors then scoring opening slots for Bif Naked, Goldfinger, Simple Plan, Sevendust, Treble Charger, Gob, Matthew Good, then Rock Festivals from coast to coast and finally headlining their own shows.

At eighteen years of age when LiveonRelease called it quits, Britt Black was quickly scooped up as lead guitarist by Bif Naked. After nurturing the young talent for a number of years under the Her Royal Majesty’s Records umbrella, Bif wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to bring fresh blood into the group and shake up the lineup prior to embarking on a feeding frenzy of 50 headline dates.

Now, Britt Black is 20 years of age and has accomplished more than most musicians do in a complete career. Bringing with her a history of writing hit songs made for Much Music and MTV, a full blown rock show and a young aggressive balls to the wall attitude Britt Black is back with her first solo album Blackout that was released on Her Royal Majesty’s / Bodog Music / Warner Music Canada in Early May 2005. And a 1st quarter 2006 release on Bodog Music / Sony / Red in the USA.


Britt Black - Blackout (2005)