brittle bones

brittle bones

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Holding on to the idea that music should be real, loud and fun.


Brittle Bones is a salute to the idea of personal, heartfelt rock. Each of the four members of the band have a long standing history with each other and are excited to finally have to opportunity to play music together. Tasha Christensen (vocals/guitar) and Mike Angell (drums) grew up in the far suburbs of Portland, Oregon and, as teenagers began playing music completely inspired by the creative electricity of the 90's in the Northwest. It wasn't until 2000 until the two finally played music together in the well received Heart Beats Red. After Tasha moved to North Carolina in 2002 to form the band Hope and Anchor, Mike joined with Steve Gevurtz (guitars/vocals) to make the musical magic that was Skeleton Coast. In 2009, Tasha returned to her hometown of Portland and came together with Mike and Steve to create a band that would represent what each of them had grown to appreciate and love about live music and sincere songwriting. To complete Brittle Bones, asking long time friend and pianist, Margaret Johnson to play keyboards, was the obvious answer. Brittle Bones plays music that is sometimes loud, sometimes quiet and always honest.


The Wolves Are Out (expected release date 12.21.10)

Set List

our side of mine
fact or fiction
you wannit
i want your hand on my leg
the wolves are out
alvy's song