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"Twinkle Twinkle Brittlestar"

Waiting is the debut album from Canadian band
Brittlestar, driven by songwriter Stephen J. W. Reynolds.
The band describes itself as rock-pop, with lyrics that
lean toward pop and an instrumental backing that leans toward
The opening song “Gasoline” has a sound strangely
reminiscent of vintage Cure (think “Just Like Heaven”).
There’s definitely some synth/keyboard business going on in
the background, which I tend to detest, but at the same time
the song reminds me of the two or three ’80s hits that I actually
like. The unorthodox combustion metaphor grows on you with
repeated listening, even if it does remind me too much of Jason
Compson. It takes talent to put a new spin on the old idea of
burning up with passion.
“Passion is a hard thing to conceal,” intones the third track,
continuing the theme of all-consuming attraction. The heavy,
throaty sound of the guitar and percussion provide excellent
grounding for the rhythmic, almost elusive lyrics. These two early
highlights seemed to bode well for the album as a whole.
Unfortunately, after “Gasoline” and “Passion” the lyrics take
a far less interesting turn. Get born, keep warm, short pants,
romance, the usual. The pop side of the band tends to come out in
the lyrics, which seem to be mainly about breaking up and getting
together, topics that sometimes just fall flat because they’ve been
handled too many times by too many people.
For instance, “The Long Weekend,” the fourth song on the
album, deals with the inevitable break-up that comes when
someone sleeps with his significant other’s best friend while said
other is out of town. Interesting topic, I suppose, but the strong
guitar work and the audible attitude copped in the music easily
outshine the inanity of telling your girlfriend “I’m sorry” when
she catches you in bed with her buddy. The spiraling guitar solo
brings the song together, elevating it to the emotional pitch
necessary to give the lyrics weight, but the band’s talent and
style would be better suited to less humdrum subject matter.
Yes, I know that most music is about love, but Brittlestar’s
strength is clearly in its unique song and not its overwrought
depiction of the torments of romance. They should play up the
rock-and-roll sound by crafting at least a couple of straight-up
sneering anthems of rebellion. God knows there’s still plenty to
rebel against in this day and age.
As for the remixes that come later on the album — just…no.
Remixes only work well for Britney Spears and Elvis. And
sometimes not even them.
All this being said, what Brittlestar is good at, it is very good
at indeed. Despite the tedious focus on romance, lyrics that vary
widely from intriguing to uninspired, and two terribly ill-fated
remix attempts, the instrumental work alone makes Waiting
very much worth listening to. As a first release, the album is
especially promising, possibly heralding a new talent — one
that will hopefully link its considerable musical ability to a more
exciting mix of topics somewhere down the road. - The Harvard Independent-Kelly Faircloth


Priceless - Super Single - 2010
Stop Trying - 2009
Arcane Anthems - 2007
I Don't Want To Be Just Friends (single) - 2007
Secrets - 2006
Waiting- 2004/2005
Pirates E.P.- 2005



Brittlestar is a pop-rock band based around principal singer-songwriter, Stewart Reynolds.
Based in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, Brittlestar has established a worldwide following thanks to global radio and club play and various songs used in popular television shows such as MTV's Real World series.

In 2004 Stewart Reynolds set out to make the debut Brittlestar album, "Waiting" in his personal studio and was fortunate enough to recruit renowned UK singer-songwriter Stephen Duffy to assist with lyrics and production. The cd booklet for 'waiting' contains various photographs by Retts Wood, a much sought after UK photographer who has done work for Nick Rhodes, Jarvis Cocker, Pete Doherty and more. Three of the songs on this album have been used on MTV's popular Real Word Denver and Las Vegas television programs. With an estimated audience of 4.9 million viewers for each episode, the popularity of songs like 'Goodbye' skyrocketed with young Americans online. The song also was a finalist in the International 2006 Songwriting Competition in the Top 40 category. The promotional video for the song 'Goodbye' was filmed with one camera in a single take in Sputnik Cafe in Stratford, starring stage actress, Jennifer Stewart.

Shortly after the release of the debut album, the e.p. "Pirates" was released as a Limited Edition cd. The e.p. featured a cover of Stephen Duffy's 'The Darkest Blues'. Though there were only 100 copies of this cd available for purchase originally, it is now available on iTunes.

In 2006, the album 'Secrets' was released to favourable reviews by both fans and critics. The album featured Nick Duffy of The Lilac Time on bass and banjo. The album also featured the song 'So Close So Faraway' which had the honour of having a $6.99 promotional video starring Stewart and Amanda Bradley. Stewart filmed the entire video using a basic digital video camera and a tripod. The video was featured on CBC Radio's Bandwidth program and is a favourite online.

In the spring of 2007 the single "I Don't Want To Be Just Friends" was released as a download-only single on the Brittlestar web site and on iTunes. The song featured Canadian superstar, Emm Gryner, as backing vocalist and providing a unique spoken-rap. The video for the single was filmed in the abandoned Stratford disco, Rumors.

The autumn of 2007 saw the release of Brittlestar's third album, 'Arcane Anthems'. This album was the first to prominently feature live band members Jay Moon and Ryan Tuer in the studio recordings. Nick Duffy again makes an appearance on banjo and Emm Gryner provides backing vocals.

The song "Into Temptation" from the album "Secrets" was used as the theme song to the first annual Stratford DocFest Documentary Film Festival in 2008.

2009 brings the release of the mini-album 'STOP TRYING'. A 5 song release that includes backing vocals from Claire Worrall of The Lilac Time and Robbie Williams, and Gordon Deppe of new wave pioneers The Spoons.