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Brittney Elizabeth @ Bash Riprocks 2

Lubbock, Texas, USA

Lubbock, Texas, USA

Brittney Elizabeth @ The Door

Dallas, Texas, USA

Dallas, Texas, USA

Brittney Elizabeth @ Tne Cactus Cafe

Austin, Texas, USA

Austin, Texas, USA

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The 19 year singer from Arizona has a strong, appealing voice that sounds very commercial on thoughtful, and well constructed tunes....such as "Last Song For You" and "Bright Eyes." The strongest hook is found in "Distressed." What is admirable about this Performer is that she never oversings her material. - Music Connection

Album Review
The debut album from Arizonan Brittney Elizabeth is firmly in the realm of the MTV Laguna Beach style -- late teens/early 20s-ready pop with some slight touch of female empowerment overwhelmed by sugary heartbreak songs (indeed, her songs have already been picked up by MTV's Real World). To her credit, Elizabeth wrote (or co-wrote) all of the songs on the album, apparently all stemming from a single case of heartbreak and a healthy dose of Dashboard Confessional influence. The compositions are generally somewhat less than complex, and can go over the top into sheer predictability from time to time, though the highly capable rotating bandmembers all put out an excellent effort on the thick chord progressions and hooks. Elizabeth's voice is the star of the show here, though, and while there is plenty of development and maturity yet to come, there are some sweet tones in her ballads and some energy in her stronger pieces. Perhaps more importantly, she avoids the common pitfall of contemporary female vocalists, refusing to replace ability with sheer vocal power. She still needs some time to develop her compositions further, but the vocal abilities here signal that Brittney Elizabeth may be one worth keeping an ear out for in the future, Laguna Beach-related aesthetics be damned. ~ Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide

- Adam Greenberg

The crew at Georgeous PR just sent me a copy of Breathe In...just wanted to let you know personally, its about time we have a natural singer with incredible talent...In a world full of Brittney Spears and all the other wanna be's, Your sound is refreshing. I look forward to many hours of listening pleasure.

Mike Perry

- Mike Perry


I wanted to let you know that not only did the CD arrive, I have already played a track on the air.

I have a segment called Harvest It or Heap It. It is a rate-a-record segment and tonight I played "As One." It received 24 Harvest votes and only 1 Heap vote in the chatroom alone, so it is safe to say that the song went over quite well. As a result, I will be playing the song again.


- Adam

Brittney Elizabeth
Breathe In

Brittney Elizabeth has a passion for love and her lyrics are the proof of that. On her indie debut, Breathe In, there is a bit of magic in that belief. There is a mass of female singer-songwriters (as there are male), so much so that to weed through them can be a daunting task. If you’ve heard one, you’ve heard 15 others, most average at best. But Brittney Elizabeth is a diamond still waiting to be cut and shined.

She is one who has a belief in the magic of love and you can hear it in her young voice. That stubbornness is part of the good stuff going on in this album. With personal reflection and feelings on display, you can use the worn saying, “She’s wearing her heart for all to see,” but it’d be true. Autumn, LA, missing her boyfriend, are all subjects that get her full attention.

Breathe In is not a perfect album. Actually, it’s an album of introductions. The artist is one to be recognized and Breathe In gets her noticed. Brittney Elizabeth is one deserving singer-songwriter that I’m going to be paying attention to as she develops.

- Matt Rowe

Singer-songwriter Brittney Elizabeth is bursting onto the music scene with her debut album, Breath In. In addition to gaining an increasing fan following, her heartfelt sound attracted the attention of MTV execs and her songs will be the soundtrack to some of the network's hottest shows, including the upcoming My Super Sweet 16, Engaged and Underage, and True Life, to name a few!

Recently, Brittney took the time to talk to Seventeen and gave us some exclusive info! For example, she ran into Lisa Loeb in line for coffee and said hello (Lisa's really sweet, Brittney said). She also had the chance to meet one of her biggest inspirations, Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional.

"When I first got into acoustic music, he was the first one I heard," she explained.

Brittney credits her cousin with steering her away from a strict music diet of Backstreet Boys (we've all been there!).

Brittney also told us that she writes in her journal every day, and sometimes her entries become songs. You can tell when you listen to her music!

Check out some of her songs on her MySpace page and let us know what you think! Is Brittney about to make it big? - Seventeen Mag

Brittney Elizabeth: Love with Open Arms

Toi Cross

Spontaneous, ambitious, energetic, random, full of life, love, and talent, 21–year–old Arizona native, Brittney Elizabeth is emerging onto the entertainment scene with a voice that will capture attention and a topic that we can all relate to…LOVE! No matter if it’s a good experience or bad one, love is the essence of us all and we sure can’t get enough of it—regardless of how hard we try.

Brittney isn’t shy about what she’s experienced within the realms of love. She fell in love while in high school. “People thought that it wasn’t real, but it was,” she states when speaking of her first love. The two have been in an on and off again relationship for the past four years, but now remain really good friends.

Always writing journal entries and later turning them into poems, which are now the elements of her songs, music has always been in Brittney’s heart. As a result of the relationship, she was able to write her debut album, Breathe In, which documents the journey of first love. The album explores the experiences of young womanhood, dreams, wishes, and heartache. “There wasn’t a set direction, it just happened,” she says when discussing the concept of her album.

Breathe In has already gained mass attention enabling two of Brittney’s songs, “The Last Song For You” and “Los Angeles with Open Arms,” to be picked up by major television networks such as MTV, E! Entertainment, LifeTime Television, and Oxygen. E! Entertainment used Brittney’s song for their number one show Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s. “It’s a dream come true to inspire other people,” says Brittney. She admits that when she heard that television wanted to use her songs, she was happy but still didn’t want to get her hopes up too high. The overall result was pure excitement once it really happened.

Brittney’s style is pop mixed with rock and the eclectic and raw live sound of acoustic. “I love performing acoustic because of its intimacy. You can hear what the person has to say and that’s what I want my audience and fans to encounter. I like performing and talking to people afterwards, I love the stage!”

Her love for the stage doesn’t stop at just singing live, she aspires to one day incorporate acting along with her singing on Broadway. “I would love to be in the musical Rent! It would be amazing!” She credits Rent as being the soundtrack to her life. Laughing, “I always make my friends act out the movie with me when we’re driving in the car. I assign everybody a character.” Hopefully, that dream will soon come true.

Refusing to sleep due to the feeling of possibly missing out on something, Brittney’s energy is full and always ready for the next move. She is always ready to create and perform or when that’s not the case, she enjoys calling up her friends or her ex to take on a random adventure. “I can’t stand still to save my life!”

More on the Rising Star
At the young age of 21, Brittney Elizabeth has already experienced the joys of love and the woes of heartbreak. However, she does not let that hold her down. She has dreamed and is now doing what she has always wanted to do. Not to mention it helps when the one person that still holds your heart is right beside you on your road to stardom and success. Yes, although her entire debut album is about the ups and downs of her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, turned one of her best friends, he remains very supportive of her career.

Brittney Elizabeth is a rising star with a story to tell. Check for yourself ––her Myspace page is showered with fan appreciation and upcoming performance dates. You don’t want to be the one to miss out on fresh, new, talent. With a positive attitude, fun personality, and dedication to producing good music, Brittney is definitely going to be around for a while. So get used to seeing her face! - Toi Cross

A young songwriter looks at love on CD
Brittney Elizabeth, who will be in Philadelphia tonight to perform at the Grape Street Pub, says she was born to sing.
“I was definitely born into it,” she said during a phone interview. “I’d sing all the time when I was little. My mom put me in singing lessons when I was 5.
“I was in a number of community theater shows, including ‘Hansel and Gretel,’ ‘Carnival’ and ‘Snow White.’ I used to dream about moving to New York and singing in a Broadway musical.”
Elizabeth was born in Camp Hill, Pa., 21 years ago as Brittney Elizabeth Luther. When she was less than a year old, she and her family relocated to Phoenix, Ariz., and have been there ever since.

During her high school years, Elizabeth started writing her own songs. She recently released her debut album, “Breathe In,” on Two Day Reign Records/Desert Sunset Records. The album, which is a showcase for the young singer’s potential, features only love songs.
“It’s all about love – all about the same relationship,” she said. “All the songs are about the same person. We’re not together anymore, but we’re still friends. He’s very supportive. He’s a musician, too, so he understands.”
While her career as a singer-songwriter is the main thing in her life right now, Elizabeth would drop it in a heartbeat if she had the chance to join the Broadway cast or national touring company of “Rent.”
“I’d love to be in ‘Rent’ – and to play the role of Mimi,” Elizabeth said. “I’ve seen the show three times and I have the movie version with me at all times. I think ‘Rent’ has affected my songwriting. The whole theme is inspiring to me. I want to live every moment as if it was my last.
“I always keep a composition notebook in my purse. When I get music ideas, I write them down immediately – even if I’m driving. Songwriting wasn’t that easy for me when I first started doing it. It’s a lot easier now.
“The songs I’ve been writing this year are much different. I’m always writing new songs, and not just love songs now. My songs are about life and love, and I feel that I’m expressing it better.”
Elizabeth will be making her Philadelphia debut tonight. Her trip to the East Coast includes a stay with her grandparents in Camp Hill. It’s also a safe bet that she’ll return to Philly the first weekend in January – when “Rent” is being performed at the Academy of Music.
“It’s great that ‘Rent’ will be in Philadelphia,” she said. “I definitely want to get tickets for that.”
What: Brittney Elizabeth in concert
When: Dec. 22, 8 p.m.
Where: Grape Street Pub, 4100 Main St., Manayunk
Tickets: $10
Information: 215-483-7084
- Daily Local

See Brittney Elizabeth while she's hot
Fresh, young singer/songwriter Brittney Elizabeth has become the go-to-gal for setting the musical backdrop to some of television’s most talked about programs, with a pair of songs from her debut album, Breathe In finding their way onto nearly a dozen television series. Music Supervisors have gone positively Elizabethan, lusting over the songs, “Last Song For You” and “Los Angeles With Open Arms”, both co-written by the 20-year old singer and scheduled to lend their emotional impact to an impressive array of shows including upcoming MTV’s The Real World: Hollywood, The Paper, My Super Sweet 16, Engaged and Underage, The Diary Series, Trick It Out, Cribs, High School Stories, Newport Harbor and True Life. Other shows that will be including Brittney’s songs include Lifetime Television’s American Psychic Challenge, E! Entertainment Television’s top rated show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Oxygen Network’s Bad Girls Club.

Musical placement on TV, especially on the pop cultural institution MTV, has become the recording industry’s most sought after commodity. Television is the “new” radio, becoming THE place to be heard for any artist looking to break in the marketplace. With labels and artists vying for airtime, Elizabeth’s achievement is all the mightier having risen to the top of the stack without major label backing.

The talented young singer’s debut release, "Breathe In" is a songbook of poetry and prose revealing the wishes, dreams and heartache of a girl coming of age. Elizabeth’s voice rises over poignant confessionals that cut straight to the heart – delving directly into the core of the relationship dynamics. At once sassy and sexy, but also refined and idealistic, Brittney Elizabeth’s music captures the very essence of young womanhood. And very soon, she will be heard broadcasting from sets in homes throughout American neighborhoods. Please welcome Brittney Elizabeth into your living rooms - a breath of fresh air in music today.
- Mickie

Local songwriter has one-track mind on music career

Nicki Escudero
Jul. 10, 2007 12:00 AM
Brittney Elizabeth may seem like your typical Valley 20-year-old - she takes general studies courses at Mesa Community College and works at Banana Republic at Chandler Fashion Center - but this driven young woman actually splits her time between Chandler and Los Angeles working as a pop singer-songwriter and performing as much as possible.

Elizabeth released her album, Breathe In, this past March, on Arizona independent label Desert Sunrise, and the 12-track disc was heavily influenced by two of Elizabeth's favorite artists, Lisa Loeb and Dashboard Confessional.

Though the Chandler High School graduate said she's found some of her current classes interesting, school is something just to keep her busy while she works on making music her full-time career.

"I've never even remotely considered anything else," Elizabeth said. "It was from the beginning, I wanted to be a singer."

Elizabeth, who moved to Arizona from Pennsylvania when she was about a month old, has been singing since she was 4, when she would switch around the words to songs on the radio. She started taking vocal lessons when she was in grade school, and she also honed her musical ability through going to camps, performing in musical troupes and belting it out in musicals.

She wrote her first song when she was 17, taking her personal lyrics she'd scrawled in journals and setting them to music. Elizabeth plays flute and can get by on piano and guitar enough to write songs, which she said tend to focus on one subject - her relationship with her boyfriend, a fellow Arizona musician whom she met in math class and has dated on and off since she was a sophomore in high school.

"He's just been absolutely supportive since the day we met," Elizabeth said. "Even if (the song is) bad or sad, he understands because we both express ourselves really well to one another, and we're really good on communicating. He's probably already heard it a thousand times before it was even in the song."

Elizabeth recorded Breathe In both in Arizona and California (where she has a Santa Monica apartment with her friend) at various studios with co-writers and producers Rob Seals and Everett Harwood and studio musicians. It took about seven months to produce the finished product, which is available at her shows and online, plus Zia Record Exchange, Stinkweeds and Borders in Tempe and Scottsdale.

Elizabeth said people from all over the world have been giving her positive feedback on the album, which makes her happy because she's having an influence on her fans.

"I don't want to be a pop star that's in Life and Style magazine," Elizabeth said. "I want to be touring, and I want to be on the radio and in movies, and basically, I just want to impact people the way artists have impacted my life. To hear these people say (they've been impacted by) a particular song (of mine), and that's why their life is affected, that's just so fulfilling."

Elizabeth has also impressed people in the industry, capturing a West Coast Songwriters "Best Song Award" and winning's "Air God" contest. Elizabeth's songs can be heard online at, and she'll also be playing several Arizona shows this summer with her band.

Elizabeth insisted she puts "120 percent" into everything she tries, so don't expect her to slow down any time soon.

"My life is kind of all over the place, and I really like it that way," Elizabeth said. "If things are going on a smooth, straight-and-narrow (path), I get bored. I kind of have to have different things going on all the time. If it was any different, I don't think I'd be happy, I'd be really bored."

- Nicki Escudero


"Breathe In" She recieves internet airplay on Music Highway Radio. Getting airplay on many college radio stations, charting on 90.1 in NJ, getting FM play at love99 in Harrisburg, PA and POp Garden Radio in FLa, many internet stations



Brittney Elizabeth

I’ve got stacks of books filled with dreams, but they collect dust on my shelf.
- Brittney Elizabeth, “Don’t Let Me Let Me Down”

Many a dream may be laying dormant in waiting, but for Brittney Elizabeth, being a recording artist on the brink of stardom is not one of them. The 20-year-old singer/songwriter is poised to take the music world’s breath away with her debut album, Breath In, a heartfelt collection of tunes documenting a young woman’s introspective look back on the heartbreaking journey of first love. It’s a well-worn path covered in song, though rarely with the purity of voice and confidence of an artist confessing she’s still not ready to exhale.

“All the songs are about the same person,” confides Brittney. “We met in math class, started dating for like ever, and are still best friends now. We have this on again off again relationship thing that we sort of decided upon and I have no idea why,” she says with a laugh – now.

Brittney began songwriting at 17 years, as journal entries evolved into poetry and metered prose. It was a natural evolution for the Arizona teen who had been singing other people’s words since the age of 5, belting away Patti Smith and Sarah MacLachlan songs while buckled into the rear car seat. Noticing her child’s natural gift for carrying a tune and making up her own words as she sang along, Brittney’s mother signed her up for voice lessons with a local teacher. She began professional voice classes, which expanded to include guitar lessons, acting classes and roles in community theater musicals. For a brief time she took piano lessons, though restless to remain still, Brittney settled for having a natural talent for playing by ear. While in public high school, she sang in the school’s choir but found the choral music at odds with her personal taste in music.

“For a period, I went through a really ‘uncool’ phase in music,” recounts Brittney. “My cousin said I couldn’t listen to that stuff anymore or I’d need therapy. So she made me a mixed tape that included acts like Dashboard Confessional and The Ataris who I immediately fell in love with. Suddenly I wanted to be this happy punk princess and had to learn guitar.”

The pop punk band The Ataris in many ways was a return to her earliest introduction to sound – Patti Smith. The legendary queen of punk rock was a rebellious poet and iconoclast, who crafted empowering songs with a raw and confessional tone. Unbeknownst to Brittney, Smith’s spirit had left an impression in her still-developing brain as a child. And like a dormant memory awaken, the subconscious inspiration surfaced during a summer music camp when she wrote her first song.

“I attended a singing camp in California,” remembers Brittney. “Rob Seals, who would be one of my co-writers, was teaching a class on songwriting. Within like 10 minutes, I wrote my first song. All these feels came rushing over me, it was amazing.”

Songwriting became Brittney’s escape from the constraints and growing pains of life in suburbia. By day she played nice in the school zone, continuing with the choir and attending the required classes for graduation, then at night she seized control of her world, reserving her deepest truths for poems and songs. And though her taste in music continued to change, with singer/songwriters like Damien Rice and Bright Eye's Connor Oberst (she named a song after the group) now commanding her CD player, Brittney voraciously jotted down her every thought and whim. A multi-tasker by nature, she’s a hazard on the road with her composition book lying in the front passenger seat, waiting to be brought to the steering wheel the instance a lyric pops into her head. By the time she completed high school, the teen had written over a hundred songs, most concerning her favorite topic of love.

“What I live for is love and even though it hasn’t worked out for me, for us, I’m just glad I got to experience it,” says Brittney. “Whether it’s happy or sad it is what gives me life. I completely believe in soul mates and finding that one person. I know that I’m not alone in believing this.”

With Breath In completed, Brittney Elizabeth can finally exhale and dust off a couple of the books of dreams on the shelf, for at least one has become a reality. As she prepares for the next chapter in her undying search for a soul mate, fortunately for us, she has her composition book at her side to take us all on the journey.