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BRIX Boston

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Raising the, uh, cup: Boston's Winter Hip Hop Fest"

December 11, 2006

The crowd started out noticeably listless, but Brix, performing her first set after medical complications had her off the circuit for almost a year, fixed that with crisp and gritty beats that had everyone's threes in the air. The single mother said she'd only recently got back her ability to speak. "This is all I have. Hip-hop doesn't give you insurance." She brought Gen.Steel, Gillitine, Nfeeze, Golden Child, and E-Blood of the INF camp on stage for "Who Did It," a song written for the event and produced by Gillitine that established INF as up-and comers. "There was a lot of energy when we were on stage," Gillitine said with unintentional understatement. - Boston Pheonix By Matthew Burke

"The Summit: Boston Hip Hop in Roxbury"

February 7, 2006

The evening was bookended by performances from Brix, a small girl with a larger-than-life stage presence who got the crowd moving immediately with her quick wordplay and thunderous classic hip-hop beats - Boston Pheonix By Matthew Burke

"Brix-Tape Vol. 1"

“Everything about the game, shorty plan to change,” an authoritative voice declares in one of the opening lines on “What You Want?” a track that is prominently featured on the JAMN 94.5's Gee Spin mix-tape. As you are entranced by the kicks and 808s of the beat, you are invited into the mind of the emcee known as Brix. With lines like “always handle business with no strings attached”, it is clear that we are not going to be force-fed the standard fare recounting sexual escapades and excessive shopping trips. The clarity and clean delivery are what separate an artist painting a picture versus just another rap track. The poignant line, “Where was you when my man was having seeds on the side?” from “Where Was You?” illustrates Brix‘s ability to tackle such serious themes as loneliness and hopelessness. Brix will be taken seriously on tracks like “Let's Ill” featuring fellow W.O.L.V.E.S. partner Krumbsnatcha in which she delivers spit-fire rhymes and powerful, hit-you-in-the-guts imagery. She leaves the listeners' heart dangling in her hand. Brix, Lori Ann and Tangg the Juice have recently teamed up to do “Beantown,” paying homage to their hometown of Boston, a cut that should will undoubtedly be a mainstream hit and shows how Brix has the strength to be a non-conform who will do whatever needs to be done.

Performance: 5
Production: 4
Songwriting: 5
Recommend: YES - NoMaSoNHa Magazine By Pat Rice

"BRIX, Not Just a Female Hip Hop Rap MC"

It’s true that true female hip-hop rap MC’s are few and far in-between, but there are some great one’s out here and it is hard to understand why they do not get the respect and ‘shine’ that they deserve.

I have seen and heard a few female rap artists who I have thoroughly been amazed by. Strong women who do not fit the hip-hop definition of ‘hoochie’, but these are strong beautiful women with the ‘skillz’ to match most of the signed major MC’s of today.

Such is the case of a Boston, Massachusetts based female rap artist named Brix; (pronounced ‘Bricks’).

One listen and you can tell she is not your ‘cutzie’ gurl rapper but here is a straight forward ‘real’ rap artist who shares her life experiences and philosophy on wax. She is a voice for the real everyday women on tha block. She brings her flow in an amazing way thru her craft that most people can relate to. When she spits, she has your full attention and you feel compelled to hear her out. Her skillz are captivating and insightful.

Brix knows that most of us can not relate to the BET type video, where the ‘all is good out here’ and the ‘bling’ of the good life builds a ‘fantasy’ world for the youth who swallow that type of propaganda. Brix says “Daises don’t grow in the hood”. And in that attitude her flow encompasses everything from club banging tracks to tracks that embellish the ‘streetz’ thru the reality of social and economic struggle and the hustle of everyday reality of life in the block.

Because Brix is ‘new’ to me does not mean she is new to the game. I was just lucky enough to run across her and to hear her talent and to be blessed to respect and appreciate her talent. - Davey D By Robert


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Feeling a bit camera shy


When people think of the name BRIX, they think "hardcore", "street", or "tough," but there is a lot more to the street besides what we see on TV and hear on the radio. The street also represents a culture and hustle that urbanites face every day; living with the realities of economic and social struggle, the pressures and circumstances of a rough environment, and the peace and sufferings of growing up without a Cinderella story. Similarly, BRIX has embodied this diverse definition with her being, business mindset, and art form. One word comes to mind... "real."

BRIX is a unique emcee because of her "The truth is real enough" philosophy. She approaches music based on observations and experiences - representing the "no frills, no B.S." voice of urban females everywhere. "Daisies don't grow in the hood," she says.

With the Hollywood style media limelight molding the female role models of tomorrow, many women find they cannot relate to the high profile, so called good life, presented in much of today's music. Most young girls can't afford to dress like some of the superstars on T.V., don't believe what they hear, and they're not interested in advertising and plastic facades.

Instead, BRIX allows audiences to relate to stories recounting the day to day of single motherhood, troubled relationships, abandonment, making ends meet, drama, coping with stress, and the story of a survivor soldier - a rose grown in concrete.

BRIX brings more than catchy club bangers like "Who Dat Chick" ?! and ruthless Joan of Arc style street anthems like "The Thang", but topics and concepts that people can say, after listening, "I really FEEL this girl." Such is the case with her song "Where Was U," which placed her second in the DJ Kurupt 'Streetz Iz Talkin' song competition above even established worldwide industry up and comers. Most notably, BRIX starts a movement wherever she goes and whenever shes heard.

Her underground sound meets her commercial appeal halfway. BRIX released an independent mix-tape style debut "BRIXTAPE Volume 1" and another in cooperation with Ameliorate Entertainment. "Lay It To Rest" most recently was found to have downloaded more than 30,000 times over peer file sharing networks. She's found on mix-tapes and compilations nationwide, created a solid regional fan base of her own, and has been billed alongside the likes of Redman, Keith Murray, Eric Sermon, MC Lyte, Big Daddy Kane, Special Ed, Guru of Gangstarr, Jaz-O, EDO G., KrumbSnatcha, Akrobatik, and others.

More recently, BRIX lent her talents to ESPN-supported Sports Talk with Clyde and other programs such as Thug-TV and Grimespot. In addition, she was the first artist in Boston to garner consistent commercial and college radio play prior to any official release. She received nominations for two awards: Berklee College of Music Best Female Rap Artist and Mass Industry Committee Hip-Hop Awards 2006 Female Artist of The Year.

BRIX performed in venues as intimate as the House of Blues and Middle East Downstairs and as prominent as Boston City Hall. She claims the reward as hottest download on MTV Europe (Germany) online, sharing the honor with artists including Snoop Dogg and Eminem. BRIX has been involved in two cable based hip-hop documentaries, several DVD projects, and has an extremely popular international online FAM-Club at

Joy, pain, passion and militance describe BRIX. "Believe," she chants, the crowd follows along hypnotized, waving lights from side to side. She attributes her career to the support of her son, fans, friends, and family.

BRIX's unique voice and strong and powerful sound, compare to none, but she's relatable enough to be accepted by all which she says "is the utmost of compliments to stand out amongst the rest."

Hip Hop has labored, given birth... and it's a girl!

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