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Brixton Saint

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Reggae


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"Delaware Music Festival 09"

Brixton Saint & The I.R.S.
Hometown: Old New Castle
Day & Time: Saturday at 10:20 p.m.
Venue: Rusty Rudder Stage B
Genre: Reggae/Rock
Who's who: Brixton Saint, vocals and guitar; Charlie Babylon, bass and vocals; Professor Bails, guitar and vocals; Stix, drums.
What's in a name? "I took Brixton [as a stage name] from the town in England referred to in the Clash song, 'Guns of Brixton,' and 'Saint,' from the old British TV show that starred a pre-James Bond Roger Moore. The I.R.S. was initially going to be the I.R.A., but I thought that might hurt our chances overseas." -- Brixton
If we only had two minutes to listen to a song on your MySpace page, which song should it be? "'Good Cop/Bad Cop', because it's a tight reggae tune that takes a pragmatic approach to police and criminal interaction in an urban environment."
Music means: "An escape from the monotony and negativity we face in the real world."
Steak or fish? Steak
Beer or wine? Beer
Thoughts on the Delaware Music Festival: "For original bands there is limited opportunity to play big venues at the beach in the summer, so these events are likely to be your only opportunity to play the Cork and the Rudder. A good amount of people who like to have a good time, don't like to pay a cover for bands and appreciate original music attend these shows. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to a new audience and network with other bands." -- Brixton
- Rob Kaleese - Spark Magazine

"Music Makers - Brixton Saint"

Brixton Saint has always been a fan of reggae music — the distinguishable rhythm, its meaningful lyrics. “Reggae best allows me to express my overall vision of music. One song can be about protest and rebellion, and the next a simple love song,” he says. “The other genres of music have not provided me with that freedom.”

Born and raised in northern Delaware, Brixton Saint entered the music industry as a teenage MC (mic controller, if you’re an Urban Dictionary fan; rapper, if you’re not) and continued to grow as a performer. He first worked with Phatboddum, a hip-hop/rock band he helped to create (“We had a strong following and interest from producers and major labels, but it eventually fell through and we broke up,” he says), before forming a second group called DeepSixx and MC-ing with the Scatologists, a ska/reggae band with which he recorded a few songs on its “Nuts & Berries” album.

In time, though, he “got burned out on the scene” and moved to Austin, where, he says, he stopped playing seriously for a few years but kept writing songs and working on his overall musicianship.

After about six years, he packed his bags yet again, but this time headed east — back to his roots — and he took his love for reggae along for the ride.
“I’ve always touched on elements of reggae in my music and wanted to play reggae, but it was hard to find musicians in Austin with a reggae background. Everyone was into alt-country or pop/punk,” says Brixton Saint. “So I moved back east to give it a shot here.”

It was just last year that Brixton Saint made New Castle, Del., his home, and the same year he joined forces with a handful of talented musicians — drummer Kev Proto, bassist Randy Waters, guitarist Mike Proto and keyboardist Randie Rosa — to form a band by the same name.

Described by the MC as “soulful reggae and dance hall rhythms combined with the passion and energy of rock and early punk,” Brixton Saint’s music has garnered an impressive following in a very short time. In February 2010, the band released its debut album, “The Cure for the Babylon Brain” (Green Eyed Lion records), which, according to the group’s online biography, “tells the stories of the working class, turning a spotlight on the issues of life — politics, crime, love, war and the over-commercialization of modern society.”

“When I wrote ‘The Cure for the Babylon Brain,’ I wanted it to be an essentially reggae album that also touched on my other influences (dance hall, rock, R&B, ska). Each song, depending on its lyrical theme, highlights one of my musical influences,” Saint says. “The album has received a great response from industry professionals and the average music fan as well. Now that people have had a chance to sit down and listen to the lyrics and the production, they ‘get it.’”

Brixton Saint seems to be in a pretty good place and moving swiftly along the trail of success. The group continues to play for fans in Philadelphia and Baltimore and at places in between. With the debut album making its way into the hands of fans worldwide, even bigger shows are to be expected.
“Finishing the album was the biggest accomplishment so far, but we have a great new lineup and some good shows lined up,” says Saint, who adds (with a smile) the band’s overall goal is “to fight babylon with music.” “We hope to achieve greater things in the near future.”

Brandi Mellinger
Ocean City Today
- Ocean City Tosay


Brixton Saint's debut album , "The Cure for the Babylon Brain", was released internationally in February 2010 on Green Eyed Lion records. "The Cure for the Babylon Brain" is a finalist for WSTW's best album of 2009 by a Philadelphia area artist.

The "Night Session" EP is scheduled to be released in February, 2011 on Green Eyed Lion Records.



Brixton Saint's updated take on reggae music tells the stories of the working class, turning a spotlight on the issues of life, love, politics, crime, war and the over-commercialization of modern society.

Debuting in 2009, Brixton Saint has played to enthusiastic crowds along the East Coast of the USA including such venues as The 8X10, The Rusty Rudder, The Khyber, Mojo 13, Mojo Main, Deer Park, Triumph Brewing, Kelly's Logan House, The Grand Opera House, Cinemart Space 17 & 43, Fish Head Cantina, Ocean City Convention Center and many more.

Brixton Saint's music has been featured on regional and college radio stations in the greater Philadelphia area and internationally on a number of internet radio stations (Jango, Rukus Radio).

In 2010, Brixton Saint was a finalist for "Best Album" by a Philadelphia/Wilmington area artist on WSTW and a finalist in Out and About Magazine's "Musik Armageddon".

The full-length debut album, "The Cure for the Babylon Brain", was released internationally on Green Eyed Lion Records in February 2010. The follow up "Night Sessions" EP is scheduled for a February 2011 release.