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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
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"Download 5 new BRKN RBTZ songs including "Tonight""

Last night in the mail I received a CD from BRKN RBTZ (Brian McKnight’s Sons’ Band) with 5 brand new rock tracks! I am excited that I can now make them available to the public. These guys are talented, and between this CD and the Broken Hearts EP, we can definately see the diversity of music they are capable of. I personally think both styles sound great and hope I get to hear even more diversity from this band in time. The last song on this CD called “Militia” sounds like a religious song to me, which I really respect. It takes a lot of courage for someone who is trying to make it big in mainstream music to sing about God. It just makes me like them more.
Download “Tonight” – Watch the video for this amazing song in a previous post. - Extraordinary Figures


Ill Still Be Here
The Wanting
Already Yours
Dance For Me



Fronted by the sons of R&B legend Brian McKnight, who are also the cousins to Chris Willis (one the world’s biggest dance artists and DJ/Music Producer David Guetta’s favorite vocalist) and the nephews of Take 6’s Claude McKnight, of course a career in the family business is inevitable. But what happens when your sound is nothing like the family who has come before you?

BRKN RBTZ (bro-ken ro-botz) is what happens. Comprised of members Brian McKnight Jr., Niko McKnight, Fabian Egger, and David Abrams, the BRKN RBTZ sound is "Rock meets Pop with a Soul edge.” Influenced by current chart-toppers like Paramore, Reliant K, Bruno Mars, and even Michael Bublé, BRNK RBTZ is the perfect combination of all things great in music today, wrapped in a very dope package.

BRKN RBTZ is built for mega success as well. Writers…check. Producers…check. Engineers…check. Musicians…check. Style…check. Born to perform…double check. A combination of being baptized by fire doing backup vocals and instruments for Brian McKnight’s sold out shows , to the collective years of studying which include Hollywood’s famous Musicians Institute and the infamous North Texas Jazz program, BRKN RBTZ is quickly becoming fans favorites wherever they tour. Yes, this powerhouse quintet has already collectively toured the world four times over, performing for crowds everywhere, making the global stage their school of rock.

Brian has a four octave range and plays keys. Niko, Will, and David are beasts on anything with strings, and play both guitar and bass at world class levels, while Fabian holds court with the drums. The brothers Brian and Niko are also masters of both the booth and the boards. They both write, engineer, and produce under the moniker C.A.T.S. (which stands for CARE-ABOUT-THE-SOUND). Their production team already has several song placements and producing credits including UK artist JC Bentley, Audiopush, and Brian McKnight.

BRKN RBTZ is ready to unleash a fresh alternative to what young trendsetters are listening to, and BRKN RBTZ is unlike anything you’ve seen or heard before.

INFLUENCES: 30 Seconds To Mars, Paramore, Relient K, Hard Fi, Michael Buble', Brian McKnight, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy hendrix, Tommy Lee, Travis Barker, Fall Out Boy