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The best kept secret in music


Funky is how I described the girls from BroadBand when I first saw them rehearsing. They came all the way from New York, to let us enjoy an opening of hard punk music. I’m not sure about the labeling, however, I don’t see the point in categorizing tracks. Our three BroadBand girls, Jen (guitar, vocals), Elisha (bass) and Caryn (drums) were wearing sparkling red dresses; it made a contrast with the music, I liked it. Jen’s voice is close to Dolores O’Riordan’s voice, but the singing is different, mainly because of the strength of the music. -

"This alt rock band is a fave- Jen Emma channels alt rock gods on guitar- Caryn whacks those drums like she’s paddling an errant 9 year old – this tight female trio are a rollercoaster ride of sound.”
-New Century booking

I still had "Keep on Movin'" reverberating in my brain during my 10:30am meeting, but it was well worth it. Thanks to the band for putting on a great show.
-Ed Carey, editor at Cambridge University Press

"I just don't know where you're going next,” and “you crush my balls more and more every time I see you."
- Drummer Paul Chuffo (of the punk-jazz outfit Gutbucket)

"You've got both the sex thing and the power thing happening--and I don't see enough of that
these days. I am getting almost-misty with pride in the sisterhood. Right on, Sisters!"
- Lyda Shuster, fan

"Your band was awesome! The fact that you three have only been together 6 months is amazing! Can't wait to see you perform again..." editor Diana Pizzari

"They sound like they're having a really good time playing together" -Fred Child, NPR host, Wash. DC

"The smartest live rock I've ever heard." - Dan Herman, Radio Crystal Blue
- various

It is rare that you find DAMN good talent in the underground, especially when there are hundreds of bands in any given major metropolitan area trying to make it. The power trio of broadband have that, and deserve far more than what they are getting now.

Broadband really stands out in the New York scene, 3 fun talented individuals with original ideas and an entertaining attitude who know how to perform.

Each of these girls has a uniques sound that melds together. Complicated bass lines, dissonant guitars and vocals, up beat fast percussion, and a shimogisborg of time and key changes to send you through a surprising sound experience.

Live there is an element of raw and honest fun, full smiles, often flashy or unusual costumes, intentionally tacky. Most of the performance comes from listening to the music as it changes, one of Broadband’s other live qualities is Volume. They LOVE it loud, not heavy but loud and something that definitely grooves. Their first gig at CBGB's Gallery they were kicked out of, for being too loud!

The range of this band's ability to play is broad, every song fits in the same form, but each song is different, changing up styles using sliding notes, or abrupt stops.

This is one of the best indie bands I've ever heard, hopefully soon they will have some thing available for you to own, until see a show, or sample a stream off their site.  Enjoy the revolution!

Rating: 5 stars -

Broadband isn't a typical female rock band, as this trio isn't overly weird or flowery or bitter. Instead, the 11-tracks that comprise the strangely titled All Girls Do The Math are garage rock oriented with a lot of angular changes. Songs like the disjointed "Pedros" suggest that these girls never bought Bop Magazine, cared about what MTV told them, and have a few Hum, Sonic Youth, and My Bloody Valentine albums in their collection. Sassy without being girly, Broadband rocks unlike other girl bands because they understand how a wall of sound can make a song like "Dyslexia Abstract" something hypnotically beautiful.
- Crusher magazine

I vaguely remember once while in grade school hearing something how females were better in certain subjects over males and vice versa. If boys are better in math, there better be a recount. Brooklyn based Broadband is a group of four lovely women who mix garage with math rock. The band will be making an appearance at Ladyfest East on the 31st. Although the mp3s below sound very low-fi, they do plan on releasing a cd soon, or so the rumor goes. - Mystery and Misery weblog


Labforce EP, September 2005
One Two, F*@k You EP Oct. 2004
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Feeling a bit camera shy


About Broadband:
With trickster, dualing guitar and bass riffs, herky-jerky beat action, shifting time signatures and screamy vocals that ride high over their wall of sound, Broadband is fast becoming king of the smart rock scene.
The players are women who have spent too much time at music camp. With 25 years of combined music experience and over a dozen bands between them, Broadband exploits their raw talent and trained fingers.
Their songs are crunchy and angular, but always break into catchy, screamo melodies. It's almost pretty in places before diving back into a 7/4 turnaround. Broadband likes to keep its audiences guessing and in a vise-like grip.
The bands' live show turns heads and keeps people guessing as new audiences see girls onstage and think Sleater-Kinney and get Mars Volta on speed instead. They've played everywhere from sports bars to punk clubs to blues dives to Brooklyn warehouses, but are worshipped by fans of post-hardcore and aggressive indie rock like At the Drive In, Fugazi, An Albatross and And They Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead.

Broadband helped organize two benefit shows for the NYC chapter of Rock Camp for Girls 2005 and played as part of LadyFest East 2004 along with the Gossip, the Butchies, and many others. Broadband was featured as an up & coming band and received a makeover on the nationally syndicated TV talk show, "Life & Style," hosted by Kimora Lee Simmons. Aired in December 2004.
The band havs shared the stage with The Cinema Eye, Rainer Maria, Del Cielo, The Assault, The Gossip, Mary Timony and many more. The broads have also starred in an in-house commercial for Glaceau Vitamin Water, as well as a documentary interview by NY Film Festival award-winning short filmmakers Jondon Altinay and Chantal Ughi.

Post-punk fans, emo/screamo kids, and rock club crawlers all get a kick out of broadband's music. Fans range in age from roughly 8-53, with khaki-wearers, pierced punks, young 8 and 9-year old girls in circle pits, and plenty of 20-30 somethings who like to go out and see music while drinking or not.