Infectious. Screamy. Melodic. Experimental. Post Punk. Broadband will make you think (yes, they play in 11/8), move and scream along to dual vox, high energy & quixotic layers of instrumentation.


About Broadband:
With trickster, dualing guitar and bass riffs, herky-jerky beat action, shifting time signatures and screamy vocals that ride high over their wall of sound, Broadband is fast becoming king of the smart rock scene.
The players are women who have spent too much time at music camp. With 25 years of combined music experience and over a dozen bands between them, Broadband exploits their raw talent and trained fingers.
Their songs are crunchy and angular, but always break into catchy, screamo melodies. It's almost pretty in places before diving back into a 7/4 turnaround. Broadband likes to keep its audiences guessing and in a vise-like grip.
The bands' live show turns heads and keeps people guessing as new audiences see girls onstage and think Sleater-Kinney and get Mars Volta on speed instead. They've played everywhere from sports bars to punk clubs to blues dives to Brooklyn warehouses, but are worshipped by fans of post-hardcore and aggressive indie rock like At the Drive In, Fugazi, An Albatross and And They Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead.

Broadband helped organize two benefit shows for the NYC chapter of Rock Camp for Girls 2005 and played as part of LadyFest East 2004 along with the Gossip, the Butchies, and many others. Broadband was featured as an up & coming band and received a makeover on the nationally syndicated TV talk show, "Life & Style," hosted by Kimora Lee Simmons. Aired in December 2004.
The band havs shared the stage with The Cinema Eye, Rainer Maria, Del Cielo, The Assault, The Gossip, Mary Timony and many more. The broads have also starred in an in-house commercial for Glaceau Vitamin Water, as well as a documentary interview by NY Film Festival award-winning short filmmakers Jondon Altinay and Chantal Ughi.

Post-punk fans, emo/screamo kids, and rock club crawlers all get a kick out of broadband's music. Fans range in age from roughly 8-53, with khaki-wearers, pierced punks, young 8 and 9-year old girls in circle pits, and plenty of 20-30 somethings who like to go out and see music while drinking or not.


Labforce EP, September 2005
One Two, F*@k You EP Oct. 2004
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Set List

We have a 30-35 minute set. Songs are less than 4 minutes. All original music and an occasional cover.
Originals Songs include:
Slidey not Bendy
Shiite Cleric
Dr. Botwinick
Guadalupe Lopez
In the Lab
Code Brown

Eternal Flame - The Bangles
Bullet & Bullseye - The Distillers
Dykin' Out - The Soviets