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"Lazy Atoms EP"

Broadband Shortwave’s “Lazy Atoms” EP reaches a lot of places. It's like a running account of trying to find inner peace, a lifelong struggle to reconcile the mixed blessings of worldly fame with a consuming desire to reach a higher, purer state of grace, all the while creating some very catchy alt. pop tunes in the vein of Radiohead or Spoon. The band has a way of gently intoxicating the listener with big questions about guilt and transcendence with zero irony. Fear and acceptance run together in these six songs, as well as anger and serenity. "Monster," and "Technicolor" are two of the strongest songs here, centering on the vocals over a lazy river of strum, uncrowded by excess reverb, or overstuffed choruses. Broadband Shortwave make every note count for something, and it's true from the overlapping rings of electric guitar in "Space Real Estate" to the blues that are subliminally snaking through "Shatteredhead." There is little bitterness or regret in this music - mostly acceptance, anticipation, and big, colorful stories. - Phil Rainone - Jersey Beat

"Lazy Atoms EP"

"The band’s most recent release, entitled “Lazy Atoms EP,” is a dreamy ride...Barebones instrumentation lets the band flex their rhythmic muscles as an aloof melody weaves itself into a number of their songs...Stripped down, honest and rhythmic indie rock." -

"Broadband Shortwave - Lazy Atoms"

Broadband Shortwave has a very relaxed sound, easy to get into. The music feels very natural and sounds like the musicians are comfortable with the sound and just let it flow. Smart catchy lyrics make the music able to appeal to a wide crowd. The vocals are intoxicatingly smooth and clear drawing you in and keeping you interested. I picture these songs as the perfect soundtrack to that one scene in every move where the main character is sitting or walking alone reflectling on their lives. if these guys were on a soundtrack I assure you it'd be worth getting. Favorite track goes to "Space Real Estate". It's the perfect song to seclude yourself in your favorite place and get lost in forgetting any troubles. I also have to give kudos to "shatterhead" for a toe tapping good time. Keep an eye on these guys they're capable of doing great things and making great music. - Artsy Noise

"Lazy Atoms EP"

Indie rock that includes both mellow, laid-back tracks and up-tempo rock ones.

This six-track EP from the Montana-based group Broadband Shortwave has a little bit of something for everyone. You say you like chill, smooth tunes? They are definitely here. Are you more of a rocker, who likes to nod in time to faster songs? Both styles and more are present on Broadband Shortwave’s Lazy Atoms.
The EP opens with a subdued feel in “Monster.” This song is far from boring or lackluster, however. The dreamy ascensions and build-ups add the perfect amount of momentum without sacrificing the mellow mood of the song. The lyrics in “Monster” feel like poetry and blend well with the music itself.
The next song, the EP’s title track, adds some spice with synthesizer tones that make it sound modern and a little retro at the same time. “Lazy Atoms” definitely tells a story, with vocal lines that feel conversational, but it does so in a graceful way. This song flows well into “City Lights,” which begins with a bit of a slow, psychedelic feel. It starts to really pick up about a minute in, when the drums enter forcefully and the gorgeous harmonies drive the song forward. “City Lights” gets better the longer you listen, with new musical additions that keep it fresh and interesting.
“Space Real Estate” is my favorite song on this EP, though. The thoughtful, original lyrics are delivered with wonderful clarity. They stay consistent throughout with celestial themes. It makes me want to hold someone’s hand and gaze up into the night sky. You can really get lost in this dreamy, and quietly graceful, tune.
This song contrasts somewhat strangely with the last two on Lazy Atoms. The electric guitars riffs in “Shatterhead” would suit any fan of Franz Ferdinand or the Arctic Monkeys. While it does sound a little odd immediately following “Space Real Estate,” it is a very insistent and fun rock song. The last track, “Technicolor,” continues in the same vein. But like the earlier “City Lights,” this closer gets more interesting as you listen, and really ends the EP with a bang. Overall, Lazy Atoms shows that Broadband Shortwave have a wide variety of styles and sounds, and it seems like it is going to lead to bigger and better things for this group.

Megan Morgan - Independent Clauses


So Unknown EP (2002)
I Died Last Night (2003)
Lazy Atoms EP (2007)

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"I Died Last Night"
"City Lights"
"Lazy Atoms"



Broadband Shortwave has been playing a dynamic blend of indie rock in the Northwest scene since 2001. Fusing together the influential sounds of groups far removed from the band's own locale, Broadband Shortwave's music combines the experimental leanings of groups like Radiohead and Spoon with the melodically-driven tones of bands like Pavement and Built to Spill. Their sound utilizes elements of Brit-pop along with jagged, rock rhythms. The group demonstrates a capacity for diverse songwriting by building songs around both traditional electric guitar and synthesizer tones.

Hailing originally from Helena, Montana, Broadband Shortwave has managed to surprise audiences in the Northwest with their distinctive sound. Having shared the stage with other revolutionary acts like Seattle's The Myriad, the band has developed a strong following among local listeners. After releasing the So Unknown EP in 2002 and the expanded album I Died Last Night in 2003, the band regrouped in 2006 with a new lineup and began work on an entirely new batch of songs, some of which are highlighted on their most recent release, the Lazy Atoms EP. Self-produced and recorded over New Years in the remaining minutes of 2006, Lazy Atoms captures the band in their most creative stage yet, crafting intelligent and deceptively catchy music for their growing audience of discerning fans. Broadband Shortwave plans to tour extensively behind the new release and will soon begin work on a new full-length.