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Broadcast Live

 Albany, New York, USA
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Broadcast Live is a live-instrument Hip Hop outfit that delivers unique songwriting, creative production, and bombastic live performances. In 2009 the band released it's sophomore effort: Boomerang Metropolis. The album reached #24 on the CMJ Hip Hop Charts.


Broadcast Live is a three-piece band born out of the activist community in Albany, New York. Their blend of indie rock and hip-hop is both accessible and danceable, while remaining heavily influenced by their collective commitment to social justice. In January 2009 they introduced their sophomore album, Boomerang Metropolis. Shortly after its release, Boomerang reached #25 on the College Music Journal (CMJ) Hip Hop Charts just below, the Wu Tang Clan.

Broadcast Live, formed five years ago, consists of Seantel Chamberlain (drums, bass, guitar, vocals), Jory Leanza-Carey (drums, guitar, vocals), and lead singer Victorio Reyes (vocals). Victorio considers himself a poet first and foremost. “Lyrics are very important to me,” he explains, listing influences as varied as Bob Dylan, KRS-One, Bob Marley, Tracy Chapman, and Dead Prez. Over the course of three major tours (and a recently-completed nationwide trek), Broadcast Live has had the opportunity to open for many influential acts, including Immortal Technique, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, Spearhead, and Hamell on Trial.

Boomerang Metropolis is Broadcast Live’s second album, following their successful debut Underground, which also charted on the CMJ Hip Hop Charts alongside Public Enemy and Ghostface Killa. This sophomore effort was recorded over two years in a homemade studio in upstate New York, and was produced, engineered, recorded, and mixed by Jory himself. “With tracks like ‘Semiautomatic’ and ‘Hell Hot’, I made a deliberate attempt to have a seamless fusion between electronic hip-hop and acoustic instruments,” Jory explains. “When we first started Broadcast Live, I joined with one particular stipulation: I didn't want it to be another college boy funk/jazz group with an emcee up front.” He continues: “When I was younger, my primary music influence was alternative rock. I wanted to take the sonic richness of groups like the Smashing Pumpkins and apply it to a hip-hop format.” All three members have various influences, but when they came together to form Broadcast Live, Seantel says it best: “I fell in love with the passion.”

“The message of our music is more important than anything else,” explains Victorio. “Our music reflects our anger about the many injustices that exist in the world today.” The result is an indie/hip-hop blend, with their political convictions serving as the underlying, cohesive factor.


50 million and one

Written By: Victorio Reyes

bullets move in slow motion, mini-fireballs fly frantically searching for a home; comets of destruction. the target is life. like the rooster who crows every morning signifying his presence, or the redwood whose humble stare suggests patience and wisdom, or the springtime baby whose cries personify the germination of seeds. this is life, and it is threatened by tiny grim-reapers. they stop time, reflecting back to cannon balls shattering walls of protection like the walls of justice. and we pray that justice will melt these bullets. i pray for justice but all i see is bullets. seconds turn into centuries. i’m on the shores of africa, watching cannon balls fly from pirate ships stealing freedom, and i pray for justice but all i see is cannon balls. and i’m in the fields of georgia. cat o’ nine tails strike my back. i pray for justice, but all i feel is cat o‘ nine tails. i’m clinging to this dream, i’m praying for a memory of justice but i’ve never met her. i pray for justice but all i see is bullets. and it’s harlem, 1965. as i look out in the crowd i see that the bullets are still flying and justice lays dormant. and it’s memphis, 1968. the sun is setting on another legend; more bullets, no justice. and it’s bronx, NY 1999. and i pray for justice, but all i see is bullets… a baby cries, personifying the germination of seeds. i pray for justice, but all i see is bullets.


Boomerang Metropolis (2009)
Underground (2006)

Set List

A typical set is 45-75 minutes long. Cover songs included in repertoire:

Masters of War (Bob Dylan)
Bigger than Hiphop (Dead Prez)
Guns of Brixton (The Clash)