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Broadmoore as artist of the week on Mario's Promotions. - Mario's Promotions

"Broadmoore Article in The Times of Acadiana"

There's no better way to kick off the weekend than with a dose of smart, melodic, progressive rock-the kind of music delivered by local band Broadmoore.
The guys describe their music as "heavy, ambient and melodic: and they make good on all three promises. Their music is tuneful and rich, with enough of a hard-rock undercurrent to the enterprise driving along. For rock fans, this is definitely a show to catch. - The Times of Acadiana

"Broadmoore Article in The Times of Acadiana"

If you're looking for a taste of local rock music outside of Festival International, head over to Sadie's Downtown on April 24 and give Broadmoore a listen.
This Lafayette-based progressive rock outfit delivers drving, guitar-heavy tunes. But they also deliver melody to spare. They're indie in spirit, but there guys clearly have a taste for a harder rock sounds, as well. The blend is worth a listen.
Check out Brodmoore as Sadie's Downtown as 10 pm. - The Times of Acadiana

"Broadmoore Article in The Times of Acadiana"

Masterfully paced machine gun rock meets the irrevernet, ambient thrashing of Around The Fur era Deftones. Listen to tracks from Broadmoore's upcoming EP, A Tank Named Desire, at - The Times of Acadiana

"Broadmoore Article in The Independent"

Local Lafayette rockers Broadmoore are throwing a party to celebrate the release of their new EP, Good Morning. Recorded in three different locations, including a stint in Atlanta with producer David Rolfe, Broadmoore churns out the modern rock grist for the grill. They focus big, jackpot choruses and earnest, over driven melodies-peppered with the occasional primal scream-while steering clear of the bellbottom-umlaut crowd. They bring it big, wide, and arching. In fact, none of their tunes would sounds that out of place on commercial radio, so it's a mystery to me why you don't get to hear more locals like Broadmoore winning battles for the home team. But I don't make the rules, I just settle the scores. Broadmoore's 80's themed CD release party happens at Shakers in downtown Lafayette on March 7. - Dege Legg

"Nice to Meet You: Broadmoore"

Broadmoore started in Lafayette, Louisiana back in 2004, and has since risen the ranks of southern bands. The band planned and executed an east-coast tour in 2006 all the way to New York before recording and releasing their first album A Tank Named Desire. Their DIY ethics combined with their spirit for ethereal aggressive music gained the band a decent following. Between their recent touring stints the band got together to record their new batch of material for a new album.

Broadmoore's second EP Good Morning came out this March and was produced by David Rolfe, a former session musician who played for the likes of Rufus Wainwright. Broadmoore continues their ambient rock roots on their latest, from the heavy jam on “Good Morning” to the uplifting throwback “Our Shells are Glass.” This isn’t the shitty pop rock bands you encountered back in high school. Broadmoore not only know how to play their instruments without staring at guitar tabs taped to the venue floor, they’re also decent songwriters. The band steers away from typical lyrics about broken hearts, the need for the female sex and PBR and instead strives to be a more poetic alternative band. Of course, every band has a song about love or the longing for love but the way Broadmoore handles is more mature than anything these top 40 “rock” bands could produce.

“Our Shells are Glass” took me right back to my early days of music exploration, sitting in my room blasting early Thursday and At the Drive-In. It’s that heavy indie sound that has been bastardized for MTV and top 40 radio, but Broadmoore has the sense to stick to the genre’s wholesome roots. The steady bass and drums push “Our Shells Are Glass” forward, chugging along until it guns it to 88 and bursts into the chorus of “We should just watch the whole world drown.”

- Amy Dittmeier at Heave Media


2009-"Good Morning" EP produced by David Rolfe
2008-"A Tank Named Desire" EP
2007-"Eleventh Hour Confessions Southern Compliation"-featuring the song E is for Elephant by Broadmoore
2006-"Steel Clink" Demo



Broadmoore is a band from Lafayette, Louisiana that is heavy, ambient and melodic. Since 2004, Broadmoore has done numerous national as well as regional tours, released a 2006 EP "A Tank Named Desire", was chosen to play on the Vans Warped Tour, has shared the stage with many national acts such as Madina Lake, Versa Emerge, Dax Riggs, Red Car Wire, Days Away, The Photo Atlas, Aiden, Across Five Aprils, Sounds Under Radio, Meriwether, Tyler Read, The Fight Between Frames and more, and in August 2008 recorded the "Good Morning" EP with Atlanta-based producer David Rolfe (Ben Kweller, Owen Beverly, Wilson Phillips) and it is now available online as well as all shows!