Infusing the sounds of those that came before, Broadslab combines the soulful sounds of mid-20th century blues rock with the new age sound of southern fried Heavy Metal to create a powerful new sound that can only be described as Soul Metal. Check Broadslab out on a stage near you!


Broadslab is a North Carolina area super group consisting of members of such bands as Tribunal recording artists, the Cardinal Effect, Jet Speed recording artists, Shadows of the Mind, Strychnine Soul and Crawlspace.

The group began when members of End of Days and Shadows of the Mind decided to get together to see what kind of music they could come up with. After having a few members that didn't quite fit the bill, they went with the lineup consisting of Cody Patrick (Shadows of the Mind), Trucker Mack (Shadows of the Mind), Jezebel (Shadows of the Mind), Allen Nottingham (End of Days, Strychnine Soul), Jason Stanley (Cardinal Effect) and Johnny Jernigan (Iconoclast, Crawlspace).

After many practices and enough songs to fill an hour set were created, Broadslab book their first show at the Aries lounge, in Raleigh, NC. Three shows later, they would be sharing the stage with the Reverend B Dangerous (Ozzfest host) at the New Orleans based Horror House, the House of Shock.

The members of Broadslab have in the past worked and/or recorded with Mike Dean (Corrosion of Conformity), Ross Karpelman (the Mystic Krewe of Clearlight, Down), as well as the acclaimed recording engineer David Morse (Van Halen, Motley Crue) and Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me), the Reverend B Dangerous (Ozzfest host and freak show extraordinaire) , and Mistress Juliya (formerly Fuse tv, and Maxim Magazine, Trash Talk).

Broadslab creates a high energy show, performing both original songs and cover songs. Broadslab brings together a unique audience, one comprised of classic rock fans, punk fans, death metal fans, and stoner rock fans; it isn’t unusual to see a good mix of people at a Broadslab show.

Having played at such places as Jesters Pub in Fayetteville, North Carolina and the House of Shock, in New Orleans, Louisiana, while sharing the stage with celebrities such as the Reverend B Dangerous, Broadslab continues to keep a growing fan base with each show.

Broadslab is currently in the mixing stages of their first full length album, which will be named later. Check back here for more information on the album and where you can buy it when its finished. And look for Broadslab on a stage near you.


Shine (Demo)

untitled full length album;
currently in the master stages

Set List

Broadslab can play as long of a set as you need to fill up, with over two hours or original material and one hour of cover songs.

A typical set can include the following

Silk and Fire part 1
Silk and Fire part 2
Silk and Fire part 3
Dope Martyr
Strange Thin Air
Brown Zeppelin
Medicine Cabinet
Nine Circles
Reaper's Eyes
Saturn's Rings
First Frost
Celestial Bong Session

Cover songs include:
In the Flesh (Pink Floyd)
Whipping Post (Allman Brothers)
Suite-Pee (System of a Down)
Cornucopia (Black Sabbath)
Fade to Black (Metallica)
Break on Through (the Doors)
Blood and Thunder (Mastodon)